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  1. Hi All Im after a Best place to replace Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel on my HYUNDAI Tuscan who can also warrant his work
  2. Friday Morning Breakfast "Full English" Any Ideas? Friday Night Badminton "Let me know asap so i can book courts" Saturday Dinner with children everybody welcome to join Sunday Morning Walk
  3. This Saturday everybody welcome Devonshire cat 7:30 ish
  4. Jaap is back on Saturday 17th afternoon so the plan is 1. Out Saturday night around town 2. Badminton Sunday Morning 3. BBq our house from 2:0 onwards Please let me know if you can join us so that i / marie can organize how much food to get and courts to book ---------- Post added 14-10-2015 at 16:17 ---------- 2 x badminton courts booked Sunday 18th Oct at 10:15am, Springs leisure center. Please let me no if your coming
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