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  1. Happy birthday Ruby. Hope that you've had a great day.
  2. Balfour carpets Darnall plenty of choice and good prices.
  3. This doesn't sound right at all where did your husband have the op? I had mine at the Hallamshire. I have had both ears done and my left one was the first and no trouble at all. I was completely deaf and I now have some hearing in that one. The right ear has not been quite as successful but still not bad. I had pain for 2-3 weeks with both but the right was worse and my tongue was numb on the right side. I also lost my taste buds but they have returned also the numbness is not that bad either. I also had blood and puss from my right one for over 2 weeks. I am now fine though after having a tiny cyst removed which was found in one of my follow up visits but this was in the outer ear. Hope that your husband soon recovers and hope that they have given him plenty of pain killers.
  4. Hope all goes well lyndix will be thinking of you all.xx
  5. That sounds very major lyndix and my thoughts are with you both. Your son has had so much to put up with at an age when he should be out living it up with his mates. Fingers crossed for you that the operation is successful and that he can start living his life as he should.
  6. My husband's Grandmother was also a Youle.
  7. So very sorry to hear this lyndix hope the scans can get to the route of it. It's bad enough going through major surgery but to get infection so soon is awful. Hope the scans show where the trouble lies. Thinking of you all xx
  8. Glad that everything went well and that this time he is totally clear of infection. I can imagine he will have a lot of pain it's a very extensive operation that he's had but hopefully it won't last too long. Wishing him a speedy successful recovery and a return to normal teenage life. Thinking of you and the rest of the family as well .
  9. Thinking of you and your lad lindix and hoping that all goes well tomorrow. Sorry that he has had such an awful time of it and hope that this opp is a total success and that he can get his life back on track.xxx
  10. Have you tried sending them a pm ?
  11. Another good free site is http://www.rootschat.com Lots of very helpful people on there.
  12. Eclipse at Swallownest made a good job of mine when I had it cut off it was a patterned one as well.
  13. It did the same to me then after clearing my cookies it worked fine. Then I had another glitch but am back on again and now I don't log off and use a bookmarked page to get back on. It still tells me to log in but when I click on it my login details are there and it works.
  14. Well done dara just hope that he can but he must surely have heard from the admins.
  15. I know that the site used to be shared in some way with Sheffield Wednesday and you could never get on on Saturday night's. Since the site has been updated a lot of things don't work properly and links went missing. I posted a message on the forum this morning while an admin was on and I honestly think that they can't do anything either which is such a shame as it was a brilliant site.
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