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  1. Thanks all, dog seems a lot less scarred than children. Apparently my ex brother in law was on his way to sort me out with a baseball bat yesterday, ex and sister had to hold onto him to try and stop him after he pushed my youngest 11 out of the way. I am not really used to this sort of thing where I live, thought I'd done with this when I moved to the sticks 14 years ago from Heeley/Arbourthorne. Apparently local housing officer aware of this incident and will be in touch , they both in housing association properties on next street. I am now wishing that whole incident had never happened but I am so unhappy that both my dog and both boys have been physically and verbally assaulted. I should have handled it better than to tell ex that she should do something as she has "custody" of children and dog Wednesday to Saturday night when I have them the other 4 days, I am aware but was very upset that because she had "dumped" the dog on me it had nearly been shot - for god's sake the tennant farmer is renown for it! he even shot the landowner's dog last year!!!
  2. I really am glad she's away from me this weekend. Really shown a VERY different side to her. I wish I could put a rope round her neck and pull her up the street tied to back of my car but don't think that's really legal unfortunately. Still I'm glad I'm not being too over dramatic as you guys are making me think that I'm alright being emotionally attached to my pet - a better friend than I could ever ask for. ---------- Post added 11-07-2015 at 19:20 ---------- Still no sign of kids or dog! Think I am being punished! Text her - no reply Phoned her - not picking up
  3. Yes, you're right. Will assess dog in an hour Anger is with Ex's sister hurting the dog, nothing else, was annoyed with ex for not listening when I said I couldn't have dogs and kids until agreed 7pm but nothing new there. I have kids more than 3 1/2 days regular. I am not moaning though, I wish I had them 7days a week. Dog is kids and goes where they go, knew sister didn't want dog at hers (house proud) but didn't realize that she could drag my dog like that. Glad she's gone to Liverpool over night as I am so angry with her right now. Ex and I are usually amicable, her brother is also treatening to come down and punch me, not really worried about that either just wish kids weeny being involved. Ex has kicked off at 12yr old blaming him for all nastiness and even said it was his fault we broke up - nice people, lucky escape for me 2 1/2 yr ago I think
  4. I am SO angry, it is really out of charicter for Ex's sister. I would not be bothered about me but keep remembering seeing dog's eyes bulging. If I hadn't been so shocked I'd have lamped her - I am more bothered about dog than anything else, but X-rays etc cost, do you think I should send vets bill to her or let pet insurance sort it through courts? ---------- Post added 11-07-2015 at 16:55 ---------- Yes of course I'm worried that dragging the dog like that has hurt it. I'm so angry I wish I could drag the sister by throat. Thought I'd have calmed but still really angry!
  5. My ex brought dog down to mine earlier despite asking her not to but to drop with kids at 19:00. She left dog saying that our 12 year old would look after the dog. As expected as I got builders/ decorators in and can't close doors dog escaped and nearly got in sheep field at bottom of our road where many dogs have been shot previously. Chased dog and got her on lead just as Ex and sister were passing in car which they reluctantly stopped. As you can imagine choice words were said and I said she should take dog up to hers as she had said she was going to in first place. Sister came round and dragged dog by lead which I had passed to my ex round the car swearing and saying I was just being f****** rediculous as she was late and I was a f***** d***k in front of my 12yr old. Poor dogs eyes were bulging and according to kids dog has now been lethargic all afternoon. Pets at home want to see dog ASAP and will do X-rays etc but ex is saying I can't have dog till 19:00 now. Am I being melodramatic or am I right to be cross and have dog checked out?
  6. My son is buying a iphone 5c on ee and needs it unlocking to vodaphone. Who does this and how much? He's 10 and I don't want him to get ripped off
  7. Congratulations to all those involved in the christmas light switch on concert. Fantastic. Real radio and sheffield council have given us all a great evening already and lights arnt even on yet!
  8. Got a kebab in nan from a place on stanforth road in darnall which was as long as your arm (easy 18inch). Used to get from pop-in years ago and had been bragging to my son about them. Obviously not as hungry as i used to be - ate about a third! Cant remember name of place but was on right around 150 yds from wilcos.
  9. Doh!!!!! She didnt leave her name. Karma though. Do good things abd good things happen.. Maybe she'll find a better partner.
  10. Yes, this has crossed my mind but hopefully now that it is in the public demain the person who lost it will be able to know what happened. I said she should have taken it to a police station but i think that given the circumstances - plenty of cctv etc, it should be ok.
  11. Whilst shopping this afternoon my partner found a large wallet stuffed with cash and what looked like plane tickets. She of course handed it in at the customer services of the shop it was outside (it was on the trolleys). Money is always short for us as everyone else but i'm glad she did hand it in but it made me wonder - how many of us would have handed it in and how many would hve run?
  12. Hasn't Butlers closed down (opposite old jessops)? EastnWest is a take-away not resturant. Heard there is an indian offering a buffet on thursday nights on Abbeydale road - anyone been?
  13. A proposal to cllose the Snake pass for a cycle race was considered recently. There are implicated costs in closing a road which would have to be made by the organizer, there are also buses which use the snake on a Sunday which would have to be considered. You would have to apply to Derbyshire County Council traffic and safety division, but just so a few people can walk, run, cycle without any traffic doesn't seem much of a valid reason to me, who knows its probably something they would consider!!!
  14. Does anyone know if the indian buffet at the bottom of Stonelow Rd, Dronfield is still open? Anybody been recently? any idea of prices for adults and kids? Ta
  15. I have an Acer One netbook. It will connect to the network and I can receive e-mails. However, I cannot open the Firefox internet Browser. Any ideas?
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