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  1. We went with Coates based on advice on this forum and they were fantastic, cannot recommend them highly enough. Our sale has gone through in an amazingly short time, Lindsey our solicitor was always available to take questions or got back to us really quickly. She also had a really down to earth approach but one that got the job done quickly. There are a lot of recommendations on the forum for them and I can understand why now that we have used them.
  2. Just come back from signing the contracts for our new house! Got to recommend Coates in Mosborough. We went with them based on all the recommendations on the forum and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They have completed our sale in 5 weeks!!! more impressive however is the fact that they were either always available to take a call or got back to us and chased up our query within the same day. Kept us informed at every stage. They also have a real down to earth approach and nothing was a problem for them. Its a mother and daughter small business and having used larger firms for previous sales I would recommend these guys hands down.
  3. Poor you Royalscam! It must be really awful not being able to get your coffee, much worse than being one of the kids in a hospice, or someone with terminal cancer who will benefit from from the money raised today. What a daft statement that the runners should campaign for higher taxes... how long do you think that would take? and do you think they would be successful? The running certainly isn't pointless, a great deal of money will have been raised which will have done a great deal of good. You moaning about not getting your coffee is however completely pointless.
  4. 'Has the cat got your thumbs' (I'd forgotten to text someone back)
  5. Any of these: Artifice, equivocal, subreptitious,prevarication or perfidy?
  6. I am running a short training session for managers on the challenges faced by employees who whistleblow on poor or illegal practice within their organisations. Is anyone willing to share a personal experience for potential case study material? I am also interested in whether people think that whistleblowers should be given financial reward if their allegation is proven, given they have risked their jobs etc.... Any thoughts??
  7. Another vote for Platillo's, went a few weeks ago and it was fantastic and well priced for such great food.
  8. She looks fine to me. I am naturally tall and thin and have lost count of the amount of times that people feel it is perfectly fine to comment on my weight and say that I need to put some on. Yet I cannot for the life of me remember when I last say someone go up (directly) to an over-weight person and say how fat they are looking. I think it is incredibly rude to comment on anyones appearance in a negative way- would you go up to someone and say ' your teeth are crap' or 'I hate you haircut', yet it seems acceptable to comment on peoples weight constantly- Why does it matter? Surely there are more pressing issues...
  9. What is it about her that is making you insecure? In my experience you only feel really jealous when you feel that that person has particular quality that you think is lacking in yourself. Perhaps in this case it may be confidence- although don't mistake brasen behavior for confidence. The fact that she has to flirt with your OH would suggest that her confidence is all bravado. People who are confident do not need to flirt with other peoples partners. My advice would be to keep telling youself how pathetic what she's doing is and when you meet her don't see her as someone you fear as taking your partner but someone that is needy and that you pity. This gives you the upper hand as you are in control. I've met women like this and they thrive on control (which is why they try to steal other peoples partners). Keep your cool and your sense of humour. Don't get upset with your partner but make jokes about how silly this woman is All this gives you the upper hand. AND ... don't forget... He choose you for a reason, remind him of what those reasons were.
  10. Go back to childhood for the day....... Draw fancy jewelry on yourself using felt tips. Find a big bank and roll down it. Go round your neighbours asking for pram wheels and use them to fashion a Go-Kart. Make a den in a hole in a hedge and move in (don't forget to set traps to prevent anyone else using it). Draw genitals in the condensation on a window. Put a whole packet of chewing gum in your mouth at once and chew til you dribble.
  11. Copy cat! I can't believe it has'nt been made into a film yet- it could be so funny in the right hands. I'm not sure who could play Ignatious though....
  12. Read Confederancy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. This is my birthday present of choice for everyone I know and they've all loved it and become equally evangelical about it . Extremely Loud and Incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer is one I think you will really like given the stuff you've said you like/ dislike. If you want something with a bit more substance than chick lit try anything by Edna O'brien. She was a pioneer in the 60's- so much so that her books were banned in her native Ireland for their frank descriptions of the lives of young women growing up then. Her writting seems really fresh even now. A great book to buy is '1001 books to Read Before You die'. It has short synopsis of 1001 books voted by a panel of authors and critics. I've bought lots of the books recommended in there and they've all been great.
  13. ...another vote for flat warm cola- works every time.
  14. I agree... Seinfeld... but no Curb Your Enthusiasm fans??? Larry David is a genius!
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