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    My TVR Vixen from 1972
  1. AB Gelder Automobiles sold new and used sports cars like TVR-Gilbern-Clan and was located at 247-251 London Road, in the Sixties/Seventies and later also at Sharrow Vale Road. Any one out there that remembers this garage, the owner Tony Gelder or his foreman Andy McLaughlan? Any picture with this garage or from 247-251 London Road would be very apriciated.
  2. Annelouise, do you think Heather Gelder will be able to help me with some history information about the garage? Regards, Eric
  3. Dear, Annelouise thanks for you reply. Can you please e-mail me at my private e-mail: eclvandermeer@wanadoo.nl probably you can help me with some history information.
  4. Does any one know where I can find old Sheffield pictures? I am searching for a picture of 247-251 London Road in the early Seventies. Thanks!
  5. I live in Holland and have a 1972 TVR Vixen which was sold new by a garage called "AB Gelder Automobiles" . It was on London Road. I know that the company this excists but is now on Sharrowvale road it has a new owner and is a Volvo garage now. I wonder what kind of garage it was and how they "operated". I am interested in any memory/story about this garage. Cheers Eric
  6. I´ve called them some time ago, but Ab Gelder ( a Volvo garage now) has a new owner and he told me that he does not have any old pictures.
  7. I am searching for an photo of a garage called "AB Gelder Automobiles" it was at 247-251 London Road in the Seventies? They sold sports cars like TVR, Gilbern.
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