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  1. I'm in the market for a used car, preferably a petrol around the 20,000 miles mark. I understand about the concept of running a new vehicle in, and the difference it can make on the performance and reliability of the car in the future. What I don't know is how can you tell whether it has been run in correctly? Of course checking service history and mileage can show wearing out of brakes etc which can be an indicator, but what else should I look for? Tia!
  2. We are due to have our kitchen replaced in the next few months, and annoyingly our kitchen fluorescent light fitting has irreparably died. When we have the new kitchen it is being replaced with standard fittings for spotlights. Trouble is, I currently have no light in the kitchen and am struggling to cook and clean using a desk lamp. Can anyone suggest a simple, temporary solution to the problem? Keen not to put lots of money or effort into it given the whole kitchen is due to be replaced! ---------- Post added 20-10-2015 at 11:48 ---------- I should point out its a small offshot kitchen
  3. I should add that we need overnight parking, do either of these places allow it? Also, I see there's a park and ride at Finchley East, has anyone used that?
  4. I'm off to Camden on Sunday, and decided to drive as we have a few peeps coming and it will be cheaper than the exorbitant train prices. Does anyone have experience of where is best to park please? Preferably fairly secure ( or at least not really dodgy!) and at or near a tube station to zip into Central London. Will be taking the m1 route unless it's suggested otherwise. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks Les, I suspected this might be the case. I think I'd prefer clambering down the scrambles in the cloughs to clonking down those steps!
  6. My knees can't cope with the steep descent of jacob's ladder! What gentle descent options are there down kinder? Preferably into Edale please! Thanks in advance
  7. Hankering after a pint in a pleasant pub beer garden this evening, ideally with a view, but sick of having to trek miles to get to one. Anyone know of one, preferably within shouting distance of a 75/76 bus stop?
  8. I'm wanting to bleach my hair again, but want to have it done professionally rather than burn my scalp with cheap crap from the chemist. Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced salon to have it done please? I'm a bloke with long hair, and more than happy to have it done in a ladies salon. Thanks in advance!
  9. Couldn't find the link you mentioned, however, listening to some of his other stuff, your description of "varied output" certainly fits. However, I'm quite enjoying Stanley Cowell, I'm always on the lookout for some decent new jazz, what with it being a very wide ranging genre. Good stuff, thanks!
  10. Whilst on holiday I was chatting to a waiter who had this fantastic piece of jazz as his ringtone. The ringtone was called "Drawing the Night". I presume it's part of a longer piece, and I'd love to hear the rest, and some more by the same band, but can't find any more info about it. I wonder if someone with an ear for jazz might recognise it? You can hear it on this youtube link: Here's hoping, I know it's a long shot!
  11. Thanks, I hadn't considered the overwhelming nature of the dining hall. Thinking about it, I could imagine this being a factor. Sandwiches conveniently "forgotten" again today. I will have a gentle talk with her along the lines you suggest. Cheers.
  12. Tonight's dinner is roast chicken, and I usually stuff the breast with packet sage and onion stuffing with sausagemeat worked into it. However, I have a large amount of leftover ham trim, and am wondering about using that instead of sausagemeat for a change. What do people think, it a goer you reckon? I worry it might be a little dry, I could add some finely chopped bacon fat perhaps?
  13. My eldest daugther is in year 7 at secondary school. She seems to have settled in well, having made some good friends quite quickly. However, I've been getting increasingly concerned that she has, with alarming regularity, not been eating her lunch (a packed lunch, sandwiches that she insists on making herself so she can have them just how she likes them). My first worry was that she might be becoming too body conscious - she's not fat by any stretch of the word, but isn't a naturally skinny girl. However, she eats perfectly normally in the evening, often asking for seconds at dinner time, and certainly isn't barfing it up afterwards. Every time I talk to her about it, I get the same excuse - "I forgot" - which I find quite hard to believe. What advice would you give a concerned parent? I don't want to make matters worse by telling her off, but I'm worried - there are a whole host of reasons why eating lunch is important.
  14. Brilliant, thanks everyone! Some great suggestions there. A weekend of record shopping awaits me! I should've mentioned, I'm already a fan of Johnny Cash and Grateful Dead, but they're not specifically the vein I'm currently looking to explore. All those mentioned sound worth an investigation, have to say that Gram Parson's track really got me going though, cracking stuff! Thanks again for the really helpful suggestions. ---------- Post added 15-10-2014 at 09:00 ---------- PS - I seem to have a penchant for instrumental artists / music - any spring to mind in this vein?
  15. I've noticed as I age, my appreciation of country music increases! However, it's such a wide-ranging genre I find it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and find stuff I actually like. A couple of tracks that illustrate quite nicely the kind of stuff I'm looking for, are not actually by stricly "country" bands. These being "Country Boy" by Heads Hands & Feet and "Six Gallon Pie" by the Meat Puppets. Fast, frantic guitars - love it. For those who don't know the tracks: (Country Boy) (Six Gallon Pie) Any country fans out there able to point me in the direction of some bands / records that might tickle my fancy? TIA
  16. I'm no mechanic, but here's my 2c.... Modern cars are packed with electronics, and they are notorious for going wrong and being a pain to fix (not to mention expensive). Back when they were just nuts and bolts it was all a lot easier to fix when something went wrong. As for your specific issue, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't bother doing anything about it. Unless it was flashing, making a noise or doing something else that was annoying / distracting, it just doesn't seem worth shelling out to have it fixed. Just use the old fashioned method of checking doors are closed - ears and eyes.
  17. I ordered some short ribs from the butcher, and what came don't look like short ribs, but is a cut from a bit further down from the shoulder. It has three ribs in it, each about 5 inches long, and quite a bit of fairly lean meat on them - about 3 inches of meat from the bone. My plan was to make braised short ribs, but since I seem to have a completely different cut, I'm pondering what to do with it. Any tips? One thought is to cut away some of the meat, and braise the ribs as planned, reserving the cut-away meat for a stew later in the week. What does the foodie group say?
  18. Bought some faggots from the market yesterday. Not true faggots, as they aren't stuffed in the caul, and tasted like they'd never even looked at a pig's heart, but they were tasty enough. Anyway, I bought far too many, and have a load of leftovers. Short of heating them in some onion gravy and having the same dinner two nights running, has anyone got any suggestions for leftover recipes?
  19. Never been to the Broads, and always fancied it, so will have a look into this, thanks!
  20. I'm planning a weekend away, and am after suggestions of somewhere to go, based on these two criteria: 1) I love the Lake District, but in high season it's just *too* busy, and I'm after peace and quiet 2) I would really love to hire a boat for half a day, a little motor boat, to pootle around a lake or even the sea. One I drive myself, rather than a charter with a skipper sort of thing. Any suggestions folks?
  21. I gave up drinking in March and seem to have developed a chocolate addiction in its place! Gorging myself on bars of the "Marvellous Creations" range, and spending a fortune. So today I bought some (considerably cheaper) Cadbury's Caramel and a bag of "banana milkshake" sweets and am eating them in tandem - a poor man's version of the banana caramel crunch line! Just needs the odd malteser throwing into the mix. What other guilty combinations have the forumers tried?
  22. Shame you lost the sharpness due to the noise reduction, you should be able to get some really sharp shots with that rig if you set the camera up right. If you wanna go *really* magnified, pick up a reversing ring for your lens! Supermacro!
  23. Yeah I never said it was easy Kinda my point though - anyone can pick up lightroom and drag a slider to fix a digital photo, but to create a truly beautiful silver gelatine print is a much more rewarding experience - not to mention one that you could spend your whole life perfecting the art of! I must have read half a dozen lengthy books on the subject and still have a way to go. Of course, you can spend that time learning Photoshop and be more relevant to the 21st century than I am Swings and roundabouts, but for me it's more fun on the DARK SIDE
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