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  1. Hi Mary I worked for your dad back in the early 1960 as a driver delivering sheds the workshop was on derbishire lane and the moved to Broad St in the town happy days.I lost saw your mum and dad around 1986/7 near crystall peaks and they both rememberd me,your dad was a wonderfull man.R i p.
  2. we alway find Tenerife south the best for sunshine in January best hotel we find is the Arona Gran at Los Cristarnos on sea front great food and has just been modenised
  3. hi duncan do you rememeber marrys at tintwistle good breakfast also robin hood at flouch had many a dodgy night out there untill granville cought me he came out in his car and found 3 wagons parked up on a dodgy from liverpool the b----- took our 7s/6p back from our wages
  4. can anyone remember walker wights at darnel?.
  5. the mans name was morris deacon spent many a night with him in istanbull and romania on our way to middle east greatt guy and a good old mate i often think of him and wonder what hes up to
  6. i used to work for j j osbourne doing days to birmingham and also nights to wian loading at at kit green tipping sheffield coop old albion reavers struggling to get back over woodhead some say good old days.
  7. Please post in 'properties wanted' in the classfied section. Thanks. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=41
  8. hi auther i was just thinking about the riley days i used to drive the other eight wheeler i think it was a differnt cab to the one in the picture do you remember the the international trucks ray bought with the bull nose we was running with them up to irvine must haved broke down on every trip i also rember the lad that lived in irvine i think he had a guy warrior he put me up a few times at is house great bloke i left rileys and went to work at ross garages on nights to cardiff down one night back the next then rosses bought the atkinson with rolls royce eagle engine and offerd us £8 a night to go down and back the big mistake job went to pott stay lucky.Bryan
  9. hi cris ross garages sold out to humber whaerhousing in grimsby in around 1975 at that time i moved to felixstowe and worked for a middle east company called fayez driving over land to middle east came back to sheffield in 1990 good old days bryan
  10. hi cris i worked with dave plumer at rileys and ross garages at wincobank i was in contact with dave up to 2001 but lost contact i wonder if he is still kicking bryan
  11. i remember lots of names from rileys from the 1960s i started at rileys in 1964 driving a old s type bedford working out of stuat and lloyds on rutland rd then moved on to a tk bedford doing multie drop work for rdb all over uk good old days
  12. we lived at 91 rydal rd our family name is else brian and ron as to the shps on rydal rd one was at the bottom of grassmer called talors my mum used to run up a bill and pay at the end of the week.my mum worked at woodseats palace my dad worked at frank guy:confused:lees on archer rd
  13. what was your nans name?.i would love to no also what was your name.my name is brian else my brother is ron else do you remember any other names on rydal rd brian:hihi:
  14. wanted someone to fit me a new toilet basen call 07900583993 cash for right person
  15. Hello again i remember gerry pilkington he lived accross the road from me i think he went to the same school as me and my brother ron our familly name is else i am brian we used to play on woodseats rd in the old field down by the river i think its been built on now.I new a girl called paulean johnson lived on woodseats rd also tony white my memory isnt as good as it used to be i also remember playing in the old train sheds on archer rd some other names come to mind sandra slack joun mullins pam jones i wonder if these names ring any bells with you what school did you go to we went to abbyedale?
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