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  1. It would seam that everyone on benefits is an easy target,why not have a go at the people that fiddle tax,you dont know peoples circumstances for the reason some are on benefit,typical daily fail comments.
  2. I found some keys in hillsborough park tonight (9th march) arround 9:30 pm. obviously if they belong to you, you will have to describe them.hope they get back to their rightful owner.
  3. If you were to go via Wordsworth avenue, from herries rd do you still have to use the dreaded roundabout ? That's what puts me off going to asda. Thanks.
  4. thanks for all the advice much appreciated, will give argos a go, and avoid E&L.
  5. thats whats concerning me if i end up with a large vets bill,and dont have the money to pay it. its a small dog i own. so far ive had 2 quotes one from direct line £8.00 mth £80.00 excess other from pet plan £13.00 mth £100.00 excess, do they just make the prices up as they go along. i agree with you re: putting a bit of money at one side incase of emergency. thanks Evei.
  6. can anyone advise the best insurer to go for? will there be any excess? not had pet insurance before,interested to know the pro's and con's, my dog is 16 mth old. thanks
  7. i was thinking about that the other day (strange)only because i need a coat for my dog. did it not move to the bottom of the moor?
  8. will have a go at emailing them first, if no joy then will wait till apple re-opens, its a bit like condensation lol, it kind of clears up, but returns. thanx ghozer.
  9. i bought my imac back in nov 08 from pcworld, but am having problems with the screen it goes white in patches then goes away then returns, ive been told by apple in the past to go direct to them, but apple meadowhall is closed till 31st oct,so do i wait or go back to pcworld? anyone else know of this screen problem. http://img2.tinypic.info/links.php?file=izsqloet70671wz3ogig.jpg
  10. i like the Classifieds at least it stops numptys thread spoiling. imo
  11. im sure it didnt cost that much to make, lol, but am i right with the price ?????
  12. i need a bit of help with this site, im looking to buy the complete box set but it seams a bit confusing on how much it actually costs, i sort of make it to £731.00 gbp, am i right.? http://fulfillment.com.au/prisoner/index.html
  13. ok thanks to you both for ur help
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