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  1. Hi there! I'm looking for a good solo acoustic guitarist and singer to play at my birthday party. I'd like someone who plays covers of a variety of things you can dance to! Not sure if that's clear at all! Get in touch if you might know someone or if you might fit the bill! Thank you for reading this! Abbie xx
  2. Hi there! I'd like some help! I'm soon to be taking ownership of a lovely little cafe and I'd like to improve the options for little ones, especially the under 5's, on the menu. If you've got any ideas about what you'd most like to see on a toddlers menu, savoury or sweet, please let me know! Many thanks in advance, Abbie xx
  3. Brilliant thanks. I went to abbeydale tesco and they only had white but i'll try the other places.
  4. Hi everyone! Any ideas if anywhere in Sheffield sells chocolate flavoured (not just brown coloured) regalice? Thanks in advance! Abbie xx
  5. Hi there! I am selling my Chicco Polly highchair. The colour is called 'Seventy' and it is just like this one: http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/productdisplay0_10751_-1_2326_10001 All the specification details are on there too. It's great for all ages, super comfy and very sturdy. We received a different one for Christmas so it has hardly been used. It seems a shame to leave it in the cupboard. We bought it from Kiddicare in October (I think). I'd like £60 for it if anyone is interested? (a bargain as it is £120 new). You would need to pick it up as its obviously a bit big to post! I live in S11. Thanks for looking. Abbie xx
  6. I thought it was just me being bonkers thinking that my dog knew things like that-he is so calm and cuddly whenever I'm upset (being pregnant seems this seems to happen more than usual at the moment!). He just comes and sits by my knee and puts his head on my lap until I'm ok again. It's weird! Can dogs hear babies heartbeat? I'm sure he can-he seems to listen to my bump and look confused sometimes-especially if bump is particularly active.
  7. I need a new home for my really beautiful house rabbit. Rehome or Sale? Rehome Reason for Rehome / Sale? I'm looking for a very loving home for my bunny. It breaks my heart to have to let her go but iam pregnant and our baby is due soon, and sadly we need the room for the nursery. She is a gorgeous glossy black house rabbit who loves company and loves to be stroked. Sale Amount? N/A Location? S11 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? Yes. I got her from helenasq on here. She was one of a litter who were born after their pregnant mother was rescued by Helen. Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes, she is very friendly and has never bitten me. If her nails need cutting then I've had the odd scratch but it is never intentional! Age & Sex? Almost 2 years old and female. Breed/ Mix? Unknown as she was born to a rescued rabbit. She has short, incredibly glossy black fur. Colour/coat type? Really glossy and black all over-even her fluffy tail! Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? Yes-she especially loves to sit next to you and be stroked and groomed. Live in / out? Inside-we got her when she was a tiny baby and she has always lived inside. Neutered/spayed? No Chipped? No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues? None-we've never had any problems. As I mentioned, she has always lived inside so she doesn't suffer any of the problems associated with outdoor bunnies. Temperament? Lovely. She loves to play and has her mad moments of running around and bunny hopping then comes and flops down next to you for a stroke. Vaccinated & Wormed? No as she lives indoors. Any special knowledge needed? None if you have had house rabbits before. She is trained to use a litter tray in her cage. The cage will come as part of the deal as she likes her home. It is a large cage specifically designed for house rabbits. I shut the cage door when we are out but she loves to run around the house when we're in. She does nibble wires if she gets to them but we just have plastic protectors around the ones which we cannot hide. General Information you can share? As I said at the beginning, I really don't want to give her up but I don't really have any other option as I need the room for the baby. I want to find her a really loving home where she will be given lots of care and attention as she is a truly lovely pet and deserves a good home. Please PM me if you think you may be able to offer her a home. Many thanks A very sad Abbie xx
  8. I've seen loads of kids (some of them not very small kids!) using them as sledges. Loads in Bingham Park.
  9. Don't go! It's so scary isn't it-I'm so terrified of falling over and hurting my baby. I've hardly been out without my OH to hang onto, everywhere is so hilly and slippy. Luckily my employer has been understanding-I'm sure yours will be too-they have a legal requirement not to put you in any dangerous situations at work so I'd guess this applies to the journey too. I'm even scared of going out in the car (beaten up old 4x4 with a very experienced snow driver) in case someone else loses control and crashes into us! xx
  10. Thanks for the reply rholo-I just got an email back from her. Its good to know they come highly recommended as they seem quite expensive-my normal class only costs half of what hers cost! Maybe I'll see you there!
  11. Hi there! Does anyone know of any pregnancy yoga classes in S11? I can't seem to find any. I especially want one that is during the day as it so dark on a night now and pregnancy seems to have made me much less brave! I work over the weekends so it needs to be Mon-Thu daytime ideally. I know this is very specific but I really miss going to my yoga class now I'm pregnant. I loved my class, especially as it was mid morning and 2 minutes walk from my house-just perfect after a hectic time at work! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Abbie x
  12. I got mine from helen too and its gorgeous! Helen's lovely and she'll make sure she finds the perfect bunny for you. I got mine as soon as she was old enough to leave her mum and she's over a year old now and she's fab!
  13. I just wondered if anyone else had a note put through the door saying that representatives of the Labour party had tried to call in to speak to them? We received one the other day but they did not even knock! (we were both in and heard the leaflet come through the door). The fact that they couldn't even be bothered to knock makes me wonder just how much they want our votes...
  14. Really? Was thinking of giving it a go. I'm so picky! Constantly looking for the perfect hairdresser! I seem to have tried half the salons in Sheffield! x
  15. Hi there! Has anyone been to this hairdressers? I don't think its been open very long-I drive past quite a lot but it always looks quiet. Abbie x
  16. Hi guys! Are there any mobile hairdressers and beauticians that cover S11 out there? Or anyone know any good ones? What are the prices like? Just for me and my boyfriend as neither if us are good at remembering to book appointments! Thanks, Abbie
  17. Hi! Longshaw estate at Foxhouse started selling them this weekend. They have either the non-drop ones ready cut to go in your stand or you can they have a nursery where they grow them. You pick the one you like and they dig it up for you then all you have to do is 'plant' it in a large bucket when you get home and it will last until you are ready to get rid of it or to plant it! I got one last year and we're going to bring it inside again to use this year too. By far the best one we've had! Hope this helps, Abbie
  18. You should go see Helen's bunnies! I picked up mine yesterday and she is gorgeous and really tame. She has some really tiny babies too which are lovely. Abbie x Note to Helen - Cocoa has settled beautifully - she loves exploring her new home and has managed to kick wood shavings all over my floor already! x
  19. Hi again! You may have guessed that I work there! Yep - we do gorgeous local sausages and dry cured bacon sandwiches. Unfortunately we don't do full English's at the moment as I've got a tiny kitchen but I'm working on it! We also grind the beans on site for our coffee and all our bread comes from a little bakery in Sheffield. We have daily specials and all our food is made in the cafe so I know that it is all fresh and healthy and delicious. We have full takeaway facilities and we're more than happy to put together a packed lunch for you while you have breakfast with us! Pop down and see us if you get chance! Abbie xxx
  20. Do you have contents insurance? If you do then it'll be covered and chances are that your excess will be less than a new carpet. I've done the same thing twice! Once with curling tongs and once with a coffee percolator on a metal tray! The insurance man that came round to look said it happens at the time but it didn't make me feel any less silly!
  21. Hello! I have heard about a lot of people getting gas bills which are far higher than they expected and my last one at my old house was the same. When I called the gas company they said that at this time of year they tend to have lots of people calling them to find out why their bills are so much more than they expected. They said that it was just due to the cold weather and the fact that people tended not to have their heating on at all in the summer which made such a difference to their previous bill. Saying that, I have since changed my supplier and found that I am paying much less (around £30 per month for a three bed house with a gas cooker). If you have you meter readings you can check online if another supplier would be cheaper and you can also get an estimate of the amount they would be expecting you to be using according to the size and type of your house. Hope this helps, Abbie x
  22. I love desperado's! I discovered them last year in France and brought loads home-thanks for the tips on where to get them! x
  23. Thanks Sarah - there's some gorgeous ones on there - I want to take them all home! Abbie x
  24. Hello! I am thinking about getting a house rabbit but I don't know much about how to train them. I've kept rabbits in the past and loved it but my new garden isn't very rabbit friendly. Are they easy to toilet train? Is it best to put them in a cage when I go out or overnight or can they be left in the house? Also, are there any places that have rescue rabbits in sheffield? Thanks, Abbie
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