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  1. Yes she is! http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/member.php?u=97878
  2. Lillyland breeds and rescues rats and is highly knowledgeable, wouldn't hesitate to reccomend her
  3. Sale Amount £40 to ensure good home. Will include all belongings, tray, huge scratch post etc Reason for Rehome / Sale - Owners Ill Health Time Scale – How Urgent? Fairly Urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue Yes, Rescue has stated to us that cats need not be returned there and we are okay to advertise elsewhere Location Manor Top Age & Sex 6 years old, female Vaccinated & Wormed Yes -Whoever rehomed her will not have to pay for vaccinations as she is on Vets4Pets Vaccination for life scheme Neutered & Micro chipped Yes Breed/ Mix Black Shorthair Colour/markings Black Long/Shorthaired Shorthair Live in / Or in and out Both, very independant and like to go outside Used to a cat flap No, we don't have one Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Yes, she lives with dogs and we have small(Caged) pets Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues None Temperament Independant OK with Dogs / Cats Yes Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching Yes Good or Bad with Children Don't know Dislike of Men or Women No Housetrained Litter Trained Any further General Information you can share. Not really much other than what has been said above. We need to rehome her due to health problems. She's very independant and must be allowed outside, she wouldn't suit being a house cat
  4. My lot are on cardboard squares and I've had no problems with them. Similar to finacard but I think thats shredded.
  5. My O/H is caught up in the backed up traffic and has been for the last 2 hours From what he's heard from others stopped, people have had to be cut free from cars and it sounds like there may be fatalities, I hope he's heard wrong.
  6. Very valid post and not a rant - well done!
  7. My mistake, I wasn't aware of any other vets aart from Vets4Pets that did this.
  8. If it's the one at North Anston we've been a few times and always had a pleasant day out
  9. Vets4Pets do this (Millhouses and Birley) I don't know if it was these you were thinking of?
  10. I was looking forward to coming to this but now our car has it's MOT on that day grrrr
  11. I've got visions of the guinea pigs in attendance with vails and flowers!!!!! :hihi:
  12. I couldn't have put it better myself Nigel, your a top man
  13. Sorry I didn't see this. It was a TM service, it might have been the 218 but don't quote me! Otherwise there is a Trent service which runs from Matlock, both go to Buxton. Hope this helps
  14. What about an online photo "show" to raise money for Nigel's rescue?
  15. And somehow guide dogs, assistance dogs don't?
  16. Hubby and I complete with dog did it last June. We parked near the trail in Bakewell and caught the bus through to Wyedale car park and walked back to Bakewell. I can't remember how long it took but it was a very enjoyable walk. Only thing when we went there was some inconsiderate cyclists (I'm not saying all are, most are very pleasant) but other than that I would highly reccomend it. The tunnels are well lit.
  17. I find a rubber brush very good for dog hair, then we go over with the hoover afterwards.
  18. Species of animal to be rehomed - African Pygmy Hedgehog Rehome or Sale? Sale Reason for Rehome / Sale No time for him, poor little chap is just upstairs on his own Sale Amount £70 to include all his belongings Location S2 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? No Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? Yes, He's never bitten Age & Sex Male, 3 1/2 years old. Please don't be put off by this as an African Pygmy Hedgehog's life span can be up to 8 years. Breed/ Mix African Pygmy Hedgehog Colour/coat type Er prickly! Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? No grooming as such needed, again he's never bitten. Live in / out In Neutered/spayed N/A Chipped No Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues No Temperament: He huffs when you pick him up, a lot of hedgehogs do. He does settle down and is easily bribed with mealworms! Vaccinated & Wormed N/A Any special knowledge needed I wouldn't say anything that can't be learned by reading up on the species and talking to people. I'm happy to advise as best I can when he is collected General Information you can share: Sadly for sale as he's not getting the interest he deserves. Please do bear in mind these are nocturnal pets and are rarely active during the day although as with anything there are exceptions!
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