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  1. According to the wife:- Much Ado About Nothing
  2. The Dish so- Great Expectations then- A Taste Of Honey leading to- Trouble In Store followed by- Bringing Up Baby so- Despicable Me
  3. If in Darnall, Pacific Catch is the best. Their fish is gorgeous.
  4. This really disgusts and saddens me. I hope someone sees it that knows what it is, though it's unlikely if its in a back garden somewhere. How can some selfish !£*&%!! think it's OK to deprive many thousands of people the pleasure of coming upon items like this whilst exploring the Peak District. It will be a real shame if the capstone has to be replaced with a copy.
  5. The definition of a gentleman is a man who can play the bagpipes......and doesn't.
  6. Best band of all time - The Beatles. The first single I ever bought was "She Loves You". Best live band - Queen. I saw their last gig (with Freddie) at Knebworth in 1986. They really were stunning. I've seen a lot of bands over the years with some great frontmen, but I've never seen anyone to match Freddie Mercury. He had the whole crowd in the palm of his hand. Fantastic stage presence. Honourable mentions: Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who,Mott The Hoople.
  7. Great news that you've got a job, even better news that you're so pleased!! Good luck Miss.
  8. http://www.filehippo.com is your friend for all the best in free software.
  9. I like James Corden and find him funny. What's his weight got to do with anything?
  10. You should never buy drugs like Tramadol over the internet. It's prescription only in this country for a very good reason (Saffy's quite right about the addiction and hallucinations). Don't take opiates in any form without consulting your GP first. Besides if you need it, it's a lot cheaper on prescription. Just looked at the website. Would you buy from a site that isn't finished, contains many spelling and grammar mistakes and contradicts itself. What's your involvement in this site Dylan2010? Only two posts and both for this site? I think this poster needs a word from the mods.
  11. Heartily agree. I saw him speak in Hyde Park approximately 30 years ago. A better speaker I have never heard since. R.I.P. Michael
  12. Filehippo is one of my favourite sites. It's got everything you need and it's frrreeeeeee!!
  13. It's very good Crookesey. It's a great photo, invokes happy memories of the early 70's for me.
  14. If he says the @ key isn't working it might be that his PC isn't set up for a UK layout.
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