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  1. Tribfest in Beverly is good, cheap, and not too far to travel. It's only got a 5,000 capacity so won't be as daunting trying to get the kids through big crowds.
  2. Does anyone know of anywhere in SHeffield or Rotherham that does Zumba classes? A friend of mine in Amerca was telling me about it a few months ago, and after watching it on Youtube I thought it looked ace. I bought a DVD a while back, but never use it, so wanted to find a class instead but it's proving difficult!
  3. Ooops! I meant the number of confirmed deaths from Pig Cold went from 20 to 7, so the other 13 are still dead, but died of something other than Pig Cold
  4. Suspected is alot different to confirmed. Especially when the confirmed deaths in Mexico has gone down to 7 from 20 when they retested the dead. I don't know why people are panicking, especially when symptoms are only "mild". Normal flu sounds worse!
  5. What I don't understand is how she doesn't have time to cook, yet she has time to go to McDonalds, order food, wait for it, then get it home. And if she takes her kids there and eats in, she has to get all 3 ready and then get there. Judging by where my nearest McDonalds is (15 minutes drive away) she could easily cook something from scratch. Lazy cow.
  6. I'm really craving pork now. I'm going to have to have some for my tea. As for this Swine Flu, I'm not scared. I'm glad I don't have any holidays overseas booked though, everytime I go on an aeroplane, the air pressure does something to sinuses which means I have flu like symptoms during the entire flight, I daren't think about going on a plane now incase they bung me into Quarantine thinking i've got it!
  7. I use both. Apparently, when I was younger, my dad used to make me write with my right hand instead of left, because it was 'odd' to be left handed (i think my dad was the odd one!) so can't use my left hand at all for writing. I kick a ball with my left foot, playing any sports like cricket/rounders/badminton/tennis, I hold the bat/raquet in my left hand, but I throw a ball with my right hand. I also could never work out why I couldn't use potato peelers, until someone pointed out last year that it was because I was using it in my left hand, and it was made for righties.
  8. But nothing did get done about it, other than her being grounded. So the video is completely pointless. Kids get away with EVERYTHING these days, regardless of video evidence or not. I'd rather have someone stop my dog being kicked repeatedly and the parents sort the kid out, than someone film it, and do nothing at the time. How much will that have traumatised the dog? it'll certainly be more scared of large girls now. My dog gets traumatised if I don't put his weetabix in the right place in a morning, let alone being kicked around and looking at how that dog just let her do it, makes me think its probably just as sensitive/daft as mine! And as people said, if the dog had bitten her back, that dog would've been put down, but apart from a 'Grounding' (which probably won't make any difference because the fact she's so fat and does that to a dog, she's probably got to mates to go out with anyway). Also, touching on the point of the video showing just how cruel she was, even 10 seconds shows enough, to then stop and help the dog.
  9. It said it was a neighbour who had witnessed previous abuse. As I said, if it was me, I'd have taken the dog, hope it had a collar with the owners number, and phone to say I had their dog as I saw the child walking it kick the dog. My own dog is placid like that, and would let anyone do anything to him, and I'd like to think that if one of our foster kids took him for a walk and someone saw them abuse the dog, that they'd do the same thing. Not stand and film it for a few minutes.
  10. Hi All after buying claw trimmers to do my guinea pigs claws, I've found them harder to use, so am not going to use them anymore - does anyone need any? I've also got a brush that we bought but don't like either, the brush is a cushioned massaging type, and only ever been used twice. If anyone needs/wants them, drop me a PM and I'll send them in the post. Seems a shame for them to just go in the bin
  11. As a lifelong Liverpool supporter, this day always upsets me as my dad was meant to go to this game but last minute plans changed things. I was only 5 at the time, but I still remember it vividly and even seeing small bits on TV this morning have had me in tears. RIP to the 96, and their family & friends will be in my thoughts and prayers today especially xxxx
  12. When the weather is nice I tend to walk to and from work. I can't drive so a bus to take me the 3 miles to work takes 45 minutes (it goes round the loooong way). If I walk, I can be there in the same time, as I just cut across the fields.
  13. Hi I don't know you, but I read this thread and I really feel for you. Some people are just scum. I'll donate some money towards the end of the week if you still need any.
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