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  1. One of the most interesting things in the US election, is how Obama managed to encorporate the youth and ethnic vote's into his strategy, with evident success. Young people and black people turned out in their millions to vote for this man. In our rather stale political system, how can we encourage these demographics to vote in the next British election? Obviously, the black vote may not be so significant in size as in the United States, but the youth vote in its vastness, is something no candidate has ever been able to holistically secure. Is 'Ali G In Da House' literally the closest thing we have to an Obama??!!! Because I dont think Cameron's hug-a-hoodie or blogging skills can really inspire 8 hour queues of young voters curling around street corners....
  2. Hi I am a journalism student from the University of Sheffield, and am coming to the almighty world water bombing championship next week. I was wondering whether there were any competitors in this years prestigous competition who would be willing to speak to me before the event? private message me if you want to Cheers Chris
  3. sorry teddie. better luck next time. but thanks for all your help
  4. Hi, were journalism students making a travel magazine aimed at people aged between 16 and 30. If you fit the bill we would love to here from you. some of the questions are a bit rubbish, but im sure you can cope. chris http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey.aspx?id=688b4cad-0a6e-4eeb-8edd-ef42990b18a7
  5. fantastic stuff! Will definately come to see how everyone is getting ready for the race!
  6. hmmm....probably should have put this in the sports section
  7. Hi I'm a journalism student from the University of Sheffield and am making a short news film on the Sheffield Half Marathon. I was hoping to follow the preparations of a few people who are competing and to follow their progress in the race. Does anyone have a particularly interesting story for competing? Are you doing it for somebody close to you? Were you inspired by Chariots of Fire or Run Fat Boy Run!? Is it for a bet?! For anyone competing I congratulate you! I know I couldn't do it in my current state! I would love to hear everybody's stories about running in the Sheffield Half Marathon. Feel free to private message me or continue the thread! Thanks Chris
  8. Thanks Strix. I am not sure whether what i want to know will offend some people. I also dont want to ask too many questions, and i want people to come to me if they have anything they would like to contribute to my work, and they have private messaged me and I am grateful
  9. hahahaha! its a tough situation really, its difficult to say things on here when you are trying to provoke answers from people without posting ! It is a little ambiguous I agree!
  10. Hi I'm a third year journalism student who is making a short (6-7 minute) news documentary for my third year broadcast portfolio over the next few months. The documentary is on SUICIDE and the INTERNET I understand that the subject matter is difficult and I apologise to anyone if this thread offends anyone. This is not my intention. Anyone who wants to openly discuss the two themes can do it here in public if the content is inoffensive and in line with SheffieldForum rules. Ideally I am looking for people who may be of use for my film in the local area. Feel free to private message me if you feel you want to speak to me about the subject, or what I am doing, you can be as anonymous as you wish. Thank you Chris
  11. can anyone tell me when exactly the post office closed?
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