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  1. Me and a group of friends from work are wanting to have a karaoke evening out does anyone know if anywhere in the city centre or near the centre, you can hire a booth/private room with a good choice of songs? Preferably somewhere that also sells alcohol ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for everyone's replies (it didn't notify me so sorry for overdue thank you) I shall look at dates. I have booked for Aston Hall Christmas fair on 24th November if that's of interest to anyone else who is looking for stalls. someone told me there is to be one in Tudor Square near crucible but I can't find any details on web, anyone know anything about this one?
  3. I wondered if anyone knew of / could recommend any Christmas Craft fairs planned in Sheffield for November or early December 2013
  4. That machine has not been working properly for at least a week as I was in a queue for it last week and the person infront said it hadn't dispensed their cash and when i went down on wednesday someone had put a paper note on saying it wasn't working properly
  5. I was just after recomendations and a rough idea of price at this stage as the venue and date have not been set (although will be a friday or saturday in january) I have had a few room quotes and some are with dj and some without so i don't know how they compare and would be nice if someone was recommended so i know they are good!
  6. Hi can anyone recommend a good dj for a 40th birthday party, and if you know how much that would be helpful. Thanks
  7. Whats the traffic on the mosbrough bypass and parkway into Sheffield been like this morning? Got to head into town at about 9.00 tomorrow morning.
  8. Reignhead Primary School is closed today (Tuesday 7th) as the heating is broken
  9. I have heard it has shut down, its on arundel gate, I bought a groupon voucher for there and I have emailed to get a refund but had no reply, just wondered if anyone knew for definate, there is never any answer on their phone.
  10. Does anyone know if they sell sheffield wednesday football kit outfits for bears? Ta
  11. Does anyone know what time card and cakecraft in the gallery at the markets opens on a wednesday morning? thanks
  12. the co op are keeping all the somerfield sites where the land is owned, and where it is rented are selling those shops on
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