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  1. Hi Sheila Here's the photo you asked me to post for brian1941. BackRow Roger Greenhough, George Hearnshaw, Matt Easton, Ralph McAllen , Alan West, ? Next Row David Atherton, Christine Fletcher, ? Ann Davis, Jean Hill Next Row Danny Hargreaves, Robert ?, Peter Staples, Mick Ward, Alan Gill, ? , Phillip Ward, David Taylor Front Row Sheila Hepplestone, Lorraine Smith, Suzzanne West, Janice Pollard, ? Marilyn Knowles, Margaret Hutchison, Pauline Richards, Mary Machin. Teacher Mrs Davis Hope everyone is well xxxx
  2. I will Sheila, x It's terrible isn't it Janie-m. There is always someone grieving. Just shows you have to make the best of your life x
  3. Hi everyone. Ann Chesney has just been in touch with me, unfortunately she is for some reason unable to log onto the forum. She has asked me to let you all know that sadly her father has passed away, Charles Johnson lived at 53 Botham Street since 1946. RIP Charles God bless. My thoughts and prayers are with Ann and her family.
  4. Great photos John. They brought back lots of happy memories x
  5. So sorry to hear of the passing of Vicky Walshaw. I grew up with Vicky and have many happy memories of her. Looking at the tributes on facebook Vicky will be missed by many people. My thoughts and prayers go out to all her family RIP Vicky God Bless you xxx
  6. I just want to thank everyone for their good wishes whilst I was in hospital recently. I think I am just about beginning to feel 'normal' but still get out of breath when I try to do anything. Just being at home is a blessing and I am now looking forward to Christmas with my family. I am sorry to have missed the last reunion, but who knows, it may not be too long before I can take George up on his VERY generous offer of a pint. Have a lovely Christmas everyone and a Very Happy New Year xxxx
  7. I signed the petition and I am very pleased to say that I received this email today Hey Jeanette, We are delighted to tell you that the application to build 24 houses on the Roman Ridge near Wincobank Hill Fort was refused this afternoon. We collected over 1000 signatures on the paper and electronic petitions in just three days. These were handed over at the planning meeting today and clearly demonstrated the strength of feeling against this development . Many thanks to you all – your help and support has been greatly appreciated. The applicants have the right to appeal the decision. We will keep you informed of any developments and will most likely be calling on your help again!
  8. Hi benbob Just had a quick glance at the photo and so far have recognised Linda Sidebottom, Gwynn Williams. Anne Grocock, Sue Lawrenson, Lynne Downing? I'm sure there are a few more I know but like Sheila says, can't for the moment put names to them. Great photo
  9. Oh bless you CeeBeeBee I didn't expect that. Yes I am very pleased to say that Nettie's Night managed to raise £1,574.92 It most certainly is not too late to donate and it is really simple Just go to http://www.everyclick.com/nettiej and give as much as you can afford it all goes to SAKA Sheffield Area Kidney Association.
  10. Thanks for that John. I've found Charlie and Amy Wise, Ken Morris and Dora Reynolds. I've found Kath Lynch and I think Bessie Cusworth, but I can't see Les Cusworth and which one is Mrs Yates. bless her. I remember visiting her with Christine Webb. What a lovely little old lady she was
  11. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY TO JOHN HINDMARCH I hope you had a great night and that you are not suffering too much today xx
  12. hahaha! I know John, you were trying to knock 10yrs off your age Nice try Great photos though. After a quick glance, I saw Mr Cotterill and That old gentleman George that I once mentioned who used to just sit quietly in the church hall whilst the kids were at Sunday School. I don't think I will ever forget him. Must go back and have a good look at them
  13. That is sad news Mick. We were only talking about him last week weren't we. I used to enjoy our banter on the forum bless him. My thoughts go out to his family. RIP Steve x
  14. That sounds like it could be good news. I really hope it is. My thoughts and prayers are with all Kirsty's family and friends. I hope she is found safe soon xxx
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