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  1. if you hire a Reputable wedding dj there are a few on here including Ghostrider above & myself & others i could name. you get the music your guest & you want at a level of volume that fits the your pre discussed requirements. or alternatively you book a inexperienced wannabe dj again there are a few on here you end up with what you quoted above. it is always inportant for the client to state the way they want the event to run. if they dont feel confident in the dj dont book them
  2. .Thanks for the call phpcoder2009 & the recommendation Ghostrider. . :sad:but unfortunately booked up all march Good Luck .
  3. .......................................................................................................
  4. if you are to travel to london from sheffield give a price then ask for a deposit to cover travel costs.
  5. There seems to be a big difference in costs as well. Two disco's recomemended by Ringwood Hall,one was £350 or £500 with uplighters, the other a special offer as well was £999 to include a dj, light up dance floor and uplighters. They also charge extra if you do not use their recomended dj. "The law states that you must not profit from not providing a service. This is different from a cancellation of a service already booked. A venue cannot charge a client for not having a service which they have not booked or did not want in the first place. That is profiteering. There are ways around it, for example some venues charge exorbitant corkage charges because they claim they lose out on drinks sales, yet that it is illegal (if they say that) they are not losing out on any sales because they have not had to purchase the goods in the first place to service a client who had already said they were supplying their own. Corkage should reperesent the actual cost of opening, serving and servicing (wear and tear on glasses, cleaning of them etc).
  6. we have booked MGM WEDDING CARS for my daughters wedding in march . very competitive. http://www.mgmweddingcars.co.uk/
  7. dont be put off by the name but worked with this band at a wedding couple of months ago they were great. http://www.facebook.com/pages/3FB-3-Fat-Btards-Sheffield-Covers-Band/172185016142731
  8. try google elvis brian lauden .barnsley or contact barnsley trades club they will have his contact details. worked with him a while ago but lost his card hes very good
  9. Any venue should give the client the choice to have the resident dj or one of their choice. i am resident at a wedding venue the clients have the choice to book me with the package or organise their own dj or band etc with no cost .i am informed well in advance if i am required or not so i can then take a booking elsewhere. all they ask for is that they see the djs documents of insurance etc.
  10. :oThat is true ive been told by several people that you have to pay if you have the dj or not . never right
  11. i know that childrens entertainers dont come cheap so i would shop round. try these local ones http://www.barmybella.com/Book_now.htm http://www.kimmo.co.uk/
  12. worked with barney baloney at acouple of parties very good also try sparky marky or andy the clown all in yellow pages or on net.
  13. Bit bias because i work at the old rectory . but my daughter gets married there in march this year including ceremony & it is really good value for money & a very nice venue. the staff & service is great http://www.orh.org.uk/
  14. not really city centre but Have a look at the old rectory Handsworth party packages available including Meal & Dj / karaoke http://www.orh.org.uk/
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