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  1. I have asked a few people who work at Peaks and nobody seems to know.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anybody know why the area next to Pennine Foods has been cleared? On Saturday morning I saw two guys with Hi-Viz jackets wandering about on that area it looked like they may be surveyors or something like that.
  3. No the bracket has pulled out of the wall as well
  4. My German Shepherd has crashed into one of my radiators and knocked it off the wall. Can anybody recommend anybody to re-hang it please.
  5. One of the biggest problems with shopping at Crystal Peaks is the rubbish bus service to and from the centre. Some villages only get one bus every 2 hours and more often that doesn't turn up. If you want to go shopping there you need to be able to get home again. The First Mainline service is the biggest culprit their service is pathetic. It's about time the centre managers at Crystal Peaks and Drakehouse got together to sort out with the bus companies how to get a better service for their businesses. It must be costing them all a vast amount of money.
  6. We did but that was the last time they were repaired.
  7. Several times over the last few months I have been to the petrol station in Aston, put my petrol in and not been able to stop it at the exact amount I required its gone over by 1p. On another occasion I stopped it on £10, went to pay for it and the cashier asked for £10.01, I replied that I only put £10 in he said £10.01. I went again yesterday and put £10 in again stopped it on £10 and as I put the nozzle back in the pump it flicked over to £10.02 this can't be right surely they should be checked.
  8. I still don't understand how 2 of the most "advanced" elite fighting forces on the planet ( US and British) are being given the run around, and being made to look totally inadequate by a bunch of ragged arsed poppy farmers.
  9. Why don't we cut some of the billions we send out of the country in foreign aid. Start sending it again when we can afford it.
  10. It is a massive hole and they seem to be removing coal from it, how will they make it solid enough to build on?
  11. There is a massive hole being dug at the old John Carr site at the bottom of fence hill going towards Woodhouse Mill. What on earth is it for it must be 30/40 feet deep.
  12. Try Batchglow they are based in Dinnington near to Thornberry animal sanctury but have other sites in and around Sheffield
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