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  1. You are not safe at all. I'm hoping you realise that your atrocious driving and that of your ilk can contribute to head on collisions caused by driving slow. The speed limit of a road isn't just plucked out of thin air, large amounts of research are taken into consideration to get to a point of a safe speed, so once again you are correct, 'speed kills' but this also includes slow speeds.
  2. You are correct, you are not a poor driver, you are an atrocious driver and should be banned from the roads in the same way an excessive speeder should. You do realise that when you say your doing '40', you will be actually going around the 36-37 mph range ?
  3. It was not just someone not giving way but the threatening behaviour of a grown man towards a woman which has ultimately gained the authorities attention and concerned me the most in this most unsavoury encounter. I should not have to feel petrified on a Sheffield street going about my daily routine and lawfully using the road.
  4. Yes, it was all captured on dashcam and reported.
  5. It's to reach out and try to educate the driver (and others) on the importance of good driving and the obvious behaviour should not be tolerated. What I really don't get is your need to reply to a thread that you don't see the point of.
  6. No, I didn't realise that a time limit existed before having to start a thread.
  7. Please,please contact the DVLA at your convenience to surrender your driving license. I do hope you read this forum and take some advice despite your obvious belief that you "are always right" You are the one that was turning left out of Endcliffe glen road and I was the one coming down Endcliffe vale road yesterday morning around 08.45. Now for your education, Endcliffe glen road at its junction with Endcliffe vale road is a giveway (You MUST give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road.) I was coming down Endcliffe vale road and had already entered the traffic calming area before you decided to pull out of the junction (you are required to check both ways before proceeding). You then decided to tell me I was supposed to give you priority,ranted and raved,swore at me whilst gesticulating all the time. Well Sir, you are wrong ! You are a danger to other road users and yourself. Why you felt the need to act in such an aggressive manner to a vaunrable woman on her own is beyond comprehension and was reflected by your wife's embarrassment. The way you behaved can only be constituted as threatening behaviour and for this reason was duly reported to the relevant authorities. Please take a long look in a mirror and ask yourself if a grownman should act in such a way to a lone woman and also address your obvious anger issues.
  8. It was sold to wetherspoons but who knows what they have in mind ? http://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Company-City-News/Orchid-sells-pubs-to-JDW
  9. try the number again if your wanting to help that much, or maybe it's some sort of scam .
  10. mister b for one what's an IE address . think you may be mixing that up with somthing else. unlike me mr b who you know full well has all your detail's.
  11. That is the only thing you have posted in 30 odd thousand post's that has some truth in it
  12. Now is other lost campaign is over , he has nothing else to do so he just move's on to spoiling other thread's.
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