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  1. Im looking for someone who can give me one to one photography lessons. I dont want to take a course. I want someone who can help me figure out my new digital camera and give me some general pointers in getting a better photo and using photo shop. I have tried a couple of photography clubs but havent really found what I am looking for. Would be grateful for any advice.
  2. Im looking at attending a spiritualist church. Ive heard there is one in Broomhill but I am unsure of which is the best day to go on. It is a totally new thing to me, can anyone through any light on it for me, ie what is a circle and do you have to have psychic abilities to go to one?
  3. thanks for all suggestions, got fixed up with a company called pet angels, she works in my area and was very helpful when I spoke to her tonight. Came very highly recommend from a neighbour plus she will look after my horses!!!
  4. I put this on general but havent got much feed back. Im looking for a reliable pet sitter in the s6 area pref one that will look after horses too.
  5. Had to tie the cat flap open for a month for my cat!!! Got the hang of it now at last
  6. Im looking for a pet sitter in the sheffield 6 area, can anyone recommend one?
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