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  1. Need to say an enormous thank you to Liam and Matt the roofer from L.S.M. we've had a leaking roof above my sons bedroom, tricky problem proved hard to find. Eldest son had to be decamped in the room with his younger brother and was becoming quite upset. Liam has worked tirelessly to find the cause of this problem for us and he's found and corrected the issue. he's turned up at the drop of a hat to see the leak in action and from what I gather spent hours trawling the internet to find a solution. so thank you from me and a huge thank from my boys! (who will be over the moon to have their privacy back)
  2. No problem, if you p.m your email I'll send some, I'm no good at the photo book type websites I'm afraid
  3. happy with my beautiful loft by L.SM edited long drawn out posts, anyone wishing to see photos of the craftmaship and have further details please feel free to drop me a p.m
  4. We had our conversion done last summer, used L.S.M builders of chapletown and we are very happy with the end result. Liam is one of the nicest and most honest builders I have ever met! His team work really hard and they kept the disruption to a minimum. I really can't recommend them enough. Good luck with yours. Edit to add his price was very competitive too.
  5. Fee's sound about right,our freehold guy used the most expensive solicitors he could find! But he didn't want to sell. We used Taylor &Emmet on Arundel Gate, Mike Haslam did the conveyancing. Very knowledgeable chap and was brilliant at dealing with our difficult freeholder. Best of luck with it.
  6. I think 1k isn't that bad if it includes all the legal fee's, we've just completed our freehold reversion and we paid a bit more than that (similar amount of years) we know we paid over the odds, our leasehold guy was a greedy man though and we didn't have time to fight over the price. The legal fee's made up the bulk of the costs. In my mind what we paid amounts to the cost of two consent letters from him for building alterations. That's where buying it pays off, our freehold guy would charge 500 quid for small alterations and anything up to 1000 for larger jobs. It's definitely worth considering
  7. I've just had my loft conversion completed, LSM builders from chapletown did the work. Good price, hard workers. I've even recommend them to a friend who is also having them for a large project. I will definitely have them back to rebuild my shoddy kitchen extension in the future (they didn't build it). I've had building work done before that hasn't been done to a good standard, had trouble getting the work put right. But with these guys the job doesn't end with the final payment, they happily come back to finish snagging jobs. Can't praise them enough. honest and reliable. Highly recommend.
  8. They come like that, we had some work done recently and ours came 'to the occupiers'. Best bet is getting intouch with the tradesman named on the cert as they obviously made a mistake with the address.
  9. My neighbour said she heard it's going to be a tesco. I have no idea if there's any truth to the rumor, but it's been shut every time I've been past for the last few months.
  10. Thanks, we didn't ever think it would be so difficult to sort out but we got there in the end. One thing I do know is I'll never touch another leasehold property again (if we ever move)
  11. Not sure on the reversion bit, but property law isn't my thing. During the last couple of years several of my neighbours have done the same. Leaseholder wanted ridiculous amounts of money for consent letters, it actually worked out cheaper to employ a solicitor and buy the leasehold from him. I'm also guessing we are merging the titles given a fee to land registry for this is itemised on my bill. Either way it's making my life much simpler and my building work can now commence
  12. We are just in the process of buying our leasholders intrest in the leashold, as I understand it the property becomes freehold when the process is over. Once the title deeds are amended it should simply show as freehold on the land registry website. My neighbour did the same last year and hers now shows as freehold, I was also under the impression that once purchaced any covenant imposed become irrelevant.
  13. I used to have lessons a few years ago, Marie usually does ring back. If they are really busy perhaps it is worth popping up to the yard rather than let your vouchers run out. Good luck x
  14. Should have known it was nothing exciting, most exciting thing up here was this mornings powercut
  15. They'll be having a pint before heading home..
  16. Yes I'd also like to know, just because I am nosey..
  17. Nick cleggs office is just round the corner, perhaps that's where they are heading?
  18. There's a power cut in parts of S10, Y.E.D.L seem to think it will be back by ten thirty. Luckily my phone is still connecting via 3g.
  19. Thank-you for this thread, I am currently waiting for an ultrasound on my thyroid. I have difficulty swallowing and feel constant pressure on my windpipe. the worst bit for me is the wait at the moment. I would love to hear how you get on after the op, and the very best of luck with it all. x
  20. Yes it was on the world foods isle, with all the decent curry mixes
  21. I bought some from the large Tesco on abbydale rd last week.
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