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  1. Been through this so many times. Do you think anyone that came out with this the day after the referendum: https://labourlist.org/2016/06/corbyn-article-50-has-to-be-invoked-now/ is anything other than an imbecile? There are countless other examples of his stupidity including his astoundingly bad education results. But hey he has a beard and he's Labour leader so he can't be thick. Right? Who is blaming Corbyn for the whole Brexit debacle? I think you've convinced yourself thats the case, but its not. Its very obviously a Tory shambles. Which just makes even more obvious that Corbyn is an astoundingly bad opposition leader because they are still ahead of him in the polls.
  2. I'm fairly sure that May wants either a 2nd ref or no deal. I'm also very sure that no one wants Corbyns "input" anyway. He is by all accounts, an imbecile.
  3. I'm pretty sure that its actually primarily due to turf wars over drugs due to a calamitous drugs policy.
  4. I would imagine that when all this blows over he'll happily retire to a nice pad somewhere in.....mainland Europe.
  5. What forum Tories? You keep going on about this but there aren't any. And what is it about die hard Labour fans on here going about tugging forlocks like its 1928? Weird.
  6. Just because Blair turned out to be a deeply flawed individual doesn't mean there is no appetite for a centrist Labour party and leader. Labour won 3 elections off the back of moving to the centre ground.
  7. Think its quite likely that he'd be either anti-Brexit or pro-Brexit, depending on his audience. The man is a complete charlatan.
  8. Nothing to do with drug laws but its all to do with gang culture and drug lords and neither of them have any correlation to the drug laws? Have a think about what you are saying there.
  9. Not sure if you have put any thought whatsoever into why people in Buckingham and Christchurch might have reason to be somewhat more content with their MPs.
  10. He was a 14 year old kid. If he was a drugs runner, which imo he probably was, then he was still a kid and imo still very much innocent. Another victim of the utterly inept drug laws in this country.
  11. A lot of grey hair and sensible clothing in that "mob". Not exactly intimidating and not how guido describes them either.
  12. I don't personally agree with jeering MPs or anyone but you have to have it or you don't have free speech. Owen Jones is something of a provocateur and Soubry as an MP knows that antagonism comes with the job. Neither of them can complain about getting shouted at. Where such protests cross the line is throwing around "Nazi" when its not even slightly justified. What you don't want is to introduce new laws to curtail these demos, because there is no way of telling how future government's will exploit such laws.
  13. But it was still an unpopular PM and a "missing" Labour leader that allowed them to get away with it.
  14. Also most likely tired and worn down by the journey, situation and conditions that they've already faced; leading them to make bad decisions and be easily manipulated.
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