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  1. Hi Retep. Were there any HOUGHTON's mentioned on Perkwood Road? Also does anyone know if you can find out the names of the landlords of the victoria hotel about the late 1800's? Herbert pugh senior's father Isaac pugh had a pub called the victoria hotel at the time he died but I think it was in Attercliffe so is likely not the same one.
  2. I only knew it as 'the monkey'. The pugh's you mention are my in-law family. Mary Elizabeth was my husbads Gran and Herbert was both her husband and her son 'Harry's' name. (my husbands uncle) He i the one at 33 and was known as 'Happy' for some reason! Anyone remember a man who used to play the accordian in the steet (? sitting on his doorstep) on Parkwood Road, maybe in the 50's?
  3. Anyone remember the pub at the bottom of Parkwood road at Neepsend? I think it was called 'the Parkwood' but was called 'the monkey' by the locals because there was a large stuffed monkey or gorilla in the corner! Does anyone have any memories to tell? Does anyone remember the Pugh family of Parkwood road who frequented tho place?
  4. I know a BLACKBURN family who have done a fair amount of family history. They used to live at Owlthorpe. Do you recognise the names 'Geof and Jean' Deborah, Craig, Jane etc?
  5. There's always gotta be one! Doh. D'you fancy comming along to translate them for me then???
  6. Thanks again. To be honest I need the marriage cert to DEFINITELY distinguish between the two Rose's but I have strong suspicions that this IS the one as the dates match more closely (Though not always a true indicator) and they lived very close (Think without looking that it was the same street or just around the corner- but again a hopeful guess). That is why I am desperate for the marriage cert before I go much further back just in case I am barking up the wrong family tree - so to speak. Trust there to be 2 of them! I will try looking at St Maries & Vincents records first, which I assume will be at sheffield archives? Hope its not all in latin tho as some catholic records are. Cheers Gen
  7. I just looked on that link you sent Henny and have also found the burial of Thos and Sarah Wall's son Martin. Great stuff. Again many thanks!!
  8. Yup! I submitted it from the little I have found up to now!
  9. It is William H for sure. He died 23 oct 1909 age 49 and all the details fit. Sarah and Thomas DID live in Jericho Street too and I know thos died 1888, so YES!! Gosh you are good!!!! Many thanks Thats amazing. Gen
  10. Well thank you Kind soul!! Yes I agree, family history is fascinating. I am hooked, and learning far more about history than I ever did at school. It actually becomes REAL when you think in terms of your own heritage. I am not as far back on any of my 'lines' as you are tho....yet!! Gen
  11. Congratulations hilsbro, but you're as young as any of us. We are all 21 and a bit!!! Thank you for the info. I do have Wm Hy Wall Jr's birth certif. He was born 10 jan 1894. They lived at Ellis street and (Claimed at least!) thay were married at the time. Hmmm!! I am grateful for the info on the location of Wm Hy Sr's birth certificate though. Cheers! ...but I remain befuddled over their marriage. Still, maybe I have a few more ideas on where to look. Oh by the way, had you looked this up for yourself (your family link) or just to help me out??? Thanks Gen
  12. Could you look at the info on William Henry Wall that I have put in the two previous posts as I am stumped? Pretty please.... If you could point me in the right direction I will love you forever!! How much do you charge to search for ppl?
  13. I submitted that info! Willam Henry wall was my husbands gt grandfather, married to Rose Antcliffe. He is on the census's but I have not been able to find either his birth certifiate/registry or their marriage. His mother Sarah nee Hughes was born around 1837 in Ireland and I was led to believe that Thomas Wall his father was catholic, although either he or his son William Henry abandoned catholicism at some point. Does anyone know where/how to look up catholic marriage registers, or which Catholic churches were in the Hollis croft area around 1850's - 1900 where they may have married?
  14. Hello Hennypenny I missed this event. or rather I didnt know about it, but I read on another post that you are a professional genealogist. Could you throw any light on where I should look for a marriage? I have tried the BMD registers without success and even cheekily tried to get sheffield registry office to find it by giving a 5yr estimate of when it was likely to have taken place but they were unsuccessful too. The missing relative is Willam Henry Wall born c1860 in Sheffield. Have found him on the 1861, 1891 & 1901 census's and have his death cert 23 oct 1909. He married Rose Antcliffe (born 30 sept 1873) and their 1st child William Henry was born jan 1894. He lived in the Hollis croft area and so did Rose so their marriage would likely have been local to that area, and around 1893-give or take. I am stumped as to where to look next. Can you advise? Many thanks for your help
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