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  1. My daughter has ambitions she wants to be a midwife and I'm sure will do so , this is only work experiance she can't do work experiance at jessops and she doesn't have to do it but I want her to do it so she learns about work and mixing with other people ---------- Post added 30-01-2014 at 19:44 ---------- Aren't you annoying
  2. The school have said she has to do it herself, I think it's for insurance reasons that small businesses won't take her on .
  3. She is just wanting shop work , it's just for a week I've tried a few places but they won't do it .
  4. I'm looking for a work experiance placement for my daughter if anyone can help ?
  5. Never knew wincobank had a car named after it,how interseting
  6. hi ,my son has shown an interest in gymnastics,does anyone know where there are any classes ,thanks.
  7. I remember davies shop in the 80s when i was a kid there was a butchers area at the back.I also remember the wool shop as we called it which was next to where brook bakery is ,i remember it all being original inside.I also remember at the back of shillitoes shop was the entrance for the hairdressers sure it was called something like lindas salon. When my brother was born there were some scales in the chemist my mum would take him to be weighed there.
  8. Theres a wheel thats been erected on holywell rd in memory of miners killed in the 1860s at brightside colliery,never knew about it until now .
  9. my grandad was Harry Tuckwood ,i also knew vera and amos richards used to live across the road from there son terry.
  10. my son is wanting to play football is there any where near s9 that have teams for his age ?
  11. R.I.P to all those who lost there lifes,i will never forget that day
  12. My mum lived on daffodil rd just below where the cottages where,she used to get eggs from your nan when mum was a little girl.
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