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  1. As I remember it, the biggest factors in the increase in the numbers of TVs were the advent of ITV in 1956 & the availability of 17 inch models around the same time. People didn't want to watch worthy but dull BBC programs on small screens when they could watch Highway Patrol & other exciting American programmes on ITV. By the end of the 1950s, ITV were winning the ratings war hands down & most households had a TV set.
  2. There was no TV reception in the Sheffield area & beyond until October 1951 when the Holme Moss transmitter came into service, so this leaves just over 18 months to the Coronation. My memories of the event were the military band playing Soldiers of the Queen over & over & over again ad nauseam, and seeing the statuesque Queen Salote of Tonga riding around in a carriage & getting very wet. We all went to my uncle's to watch it on a 12 inch Murphy which was passed on to us a few years later.
  3. I swam there in about 1970. At that time it was an indoor pool. I'm fairly sure that the pool was enclosed some time in the 1960s. The pool itself was not tiled but painted concrete.
  4. The Local Studies Department of the Central Library has microfiche copies of local newspapers going back to the year dot.
  5. I wonder what the distance is along the horizon as shown in the photograph. Considerably less than the distance to the horizon I would guess. Hence the imperceptible curvature along the horizon.
  6. Most of Monk Wood, adjacent to Dronfield Bypass, has been felled recently. I got quite a shock when I saw it for the first time. The trees were mostly coniferous.
  7. Yes, it was on a house about midway between the junctions with Meersbrook Avenue & Woodbank Avenue. The bus/ tram never stopped long enough for me to read the message properly but the gist of it was that there would be dire events in store for the World sometime in the future.
  8. There was a thread about this a few years ago. The explanation was that it was something about a prediction made by the Jehovah's Witnesses.
  9. I remember the wire baskets and the rubber band with the number on it. There was a small water treatment plant near the shallow end that gave the water a not unpleasant smell but the water had a slight green tinge & was very cold. I could never summon up the courage to dive from the top board into the 15 foot deep water at the deep end. It was noticeable that there were usually more people sunbathing than swimming. The pool closed in about 1969 & was replaced by the lido a couple of years later. I always thought that the lido was a pretty feeble affair.
  10. I got one the other day that was really the number for a garden maintenance contractor in Bolsover.
  11. There's one at Millthorpe next to the pub.
  12. The last time I heard anyone coming round on New Year's Eve was in the early 1950s. They used to sing a song which included the lines: "The log was burning brightly" & ending in "The old year out & the New Year in". I can't remember any more.
  13. There is a Sandy Powell song/monologue of the " don't do owt for nowt" saying on UTube.
  14. This reminds me of a GPO Telephones course I went in the 1960s. LG=RC for a balanced cable pair. L= inductance, G=leakance, R=resistance, C=capacitance. Lloyd George was a Roman Catholic, was the mnemonic. The inductance was by means of loading coils. The loading coils were removed when digital inter-exchange signalling & speech was introduced.
  15. The thing I remember most was that the capsule was several very tense seconds late in completing its trip around the far side of the moon. Can it be inferred from that that mission was not faked?
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