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  1. If you search for "proof of flat earth" or a similar phrase, you will find quite a few websites. One of the claims they make is that ships do not disappear over the horizon due to the curvature of the planet; their explanation is that the ships are so far away that they become so small that the naked eye cannot see them, but with the aid of a powerful pair of binoculars the ships can be seen once more.
  2. The flat-earthers claim that they have proof that the photos are faked. Of course the moon landings were faked as well.
  3. There was a very long thread entitled "Understanding the universe" a couple of years ago. The flat earth was discussed at length with several links to serious(?) proponents of the theory.
  4. Anybody remember Proops' on the corner of The Moor & Cumberland Street? They sold an odd assortment of science-based gadgets. I still have the Crooke's Radiometer I bought in 1966 which still works (but not very well). The building is now a branch of TJ Hughes.
  5. Saw several the other day at Flask Edge above Owler Bar. Also seen them on Burbage Moor, Big Moor & near Smeekley Wood in the last couple of years.
  6. If you look on this forum for a thread entitled: Post Office Telephones Photos, there is a post giving a link to a website with several photos of staff, classes & the buildings at RTS Otley including a few rather sad ones of the main building all boarded up prior to demolition.
  7. Hello Kerry 13. I think the school hall was added in the 1920s when the building was taken over by Nether Edge Grammar School. In any case, the hall was demolished when the original building was extended in the early 2000s. All the classrooms had high ceilings & a fireplace. My classroom was, of course, in the original building, on first floor on the right hand corner facing onto Union Road.
  8. I've recently changed to an automatic & I now feel less engaged with the driving process. If I'm not careful, I now tend to drive in auto-pilot mode which is not a good thing to do.
  9. I remember RICS hardware shop. He used to sell a bit of everything along with the hardware. RICS was in business from about 1961 to 1975. The previous owner of the shop was a Mrs Mackereth.
  10. It was Marjorie Robinsons. I lived almost opposite her shop during the 60s & early 70s. One of hairdressers was called Gerald.
  11. I've a photograph of class4A taken in September 1957. I'm afraid I don't know how to upload it. Anyone know how it's done? While I'm on, I have some belated sad news to impart. Barry Toothill, who was a good mate of mine, passed away in early 2014 from mesothelioma. We had recently re-established contact via Friendsreunited after very many years, but the illness struck just afterwards. Barry went on to Carfield Seniors & left in 1961. I should add that the class 4A referred to above was a junior school class taught by Mr Vasey. Does the name David Seago ring any bells? David was another pal but he was a year older than me. He jokingly told me that he had passed for "King Teds over the hill" meaning Anns Road. The Seagos emigrated to New Zealand in 1960. Sadly David passed away a couple of years later aged 16.
  12. If you who are who I think you are, I only know about your post- Brincliffe career because my eldest son was attending an Art Foundation at Chesterfield College in 1993 & he happened to mention your name as being one of the teaching staff. I remembered your name because you & I were the only "Rogers" at Brincliffe . I hope you don't think I was "tracking" you! Sounds a bit weird put like that.
  13. Sometime between taking the 11+ & receiving the results, we received a list of grammar schools arranged in a sort of pecking order. Top was King Ted's & Girls High School, second was High Storrs, somewhere in the middle was City Grammar, near the bottom but not at the bottom was Brincliffe. I don't know how you ere expected to make up 2 years of learning French. I enjoyed French & German lessons; I thought they weren't that important but they came as a bit of light relief to offset the horrors of Mrs Potter's lessons (you know what I mean). Regards fatrajah
  14. The building is now known as Chestnut Court & consists of quite a few apartments. I had a look around about 20 years while the building was being converted under the pretext of being interested in buying one. The classroom where I spent year 2B had not been started so it was just a big empty room. Sadly my visit did not evoke any memories & I felt no connection with the place even though I recognised many parts of the building. They do say you should never go back. Don't get me wrong; I have mostly fond memories of the school & enjoy reminiscing on threads like these.
  15. Brincliffe Grammar was on Union Road, Nether Edge. Nether Edge Grammar occupied the building until 1958 when the pupils & most of the teaching staff moved to the newly-opened Abbeydale Boys Grammar on Hastings Road Millhouses. I think Brincliffe was set up as an overspill school to cope with the number of post-war baby boomers. The school was only in existence for 7 years & closed in 1965. The Education Department used the building for various purposes for many years thereafter. On games days we used pass your old school on our way to the playing fields behind the Maud Maxfield School for the Deaf . That was at Bents Green. The school building still exists but is much altered & extended having been converted into apartments about 20 years ago.
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