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  1. Does anyone know anyone that does Mailchimp templates? Already have some that have inherited and want to amend. Not sure how to do myself but don't want to pay the £400 that comes up if you search for a company - surely its not that much work?!
  2. Not technically to do with property but not sure where else to post! We had 2 trees in our garden which were perfect for our hammock. Unfortunately one of the trees split - oops! So we can no longer use our hammock Obviously planting a new tree would take some time, so we'd love to be able to get a tree trunk put in like the climbing ones in hillsborough park - so that we can use the hammock again - any suggestions? Obviously it needs to be very strong - although I guess part of that comes from how it is secured in the ground. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for reply - if there's home made cakes, I'll come just for those. Any bargains as well will just be a bonus!
  4. Is this like the NCT sales? Is there refreshments as well, or just the sale?
  5. I can recommend Rocky1 on here - came and cleared our very blocked drain on driveway tonight - great job and didn't even want a cup of tea!!
  6. Massive thanks from us too for clearing our very blocked drain. Cheers!
  7. Phils and Teds - Have you got one? What do you think? I'm expecting number 2 at end of September and have always loved Phil and teds - especially the cocoon. But my oldest is 3 and half so I'm really not sure I can justify the expense. Then again I do walk with buggy most places, and daughter usually wants to go in the buggy - the thought of her having tantrums all the time if we've only got a single buggy is not appealing - but this one also has the option to use as a single so think it would get more use. I'd love to hear your experiences to help me decide. Thanks
  8. I'd like to recommend Dan Campbell Property Maintenance (dan2802 on here or call 07766016099). Dan and Peter recently did our new bathroom and did a great job - from interpreting our requirements and giving initial advice to fitting (courteously with as little disruption as poss) and aftercare. Thanks guys!
  9. Hi Has anyone had to have woodworm treatment (for their house - not personally!) and replace floorboards? Who did it and would you recommend them? Thanks!
  10. Micky ET on here has just finished installation of a full new heating system for us and we have a lovely warm house now! Mike was very friendly, honest, helpful, courteous, punctual and kept mess and disruption to a minimum - thanks Mike! Call him on 07592 418536
  11. We've just notiecd that there are some areas in our dining room, just above the skirting board where we've got some mould and water that looks like it's coming through from outside. We recently had a damp proof course - should we get these guys back or is it something different?
  12. How about somewhere on the tram route that is family friendly? We live in Hillsborough which is nice for families - park library, leisure centre, baby/toddler groups and so on. It's also on the tram route so easy to get to Uni - even if you're at Collegiate (I work there!) Just out of interest, have you asked the accommodation office for advice? I know you're not a 'standard' student but they might have some ideas / advice. There are probably other similar areas in the other direction.
  13. We were thinking of going head with a Weatherglaze conservatory but it will involve taking out our bay window (I know I don't want to lose it but we really want the extra space of a conservatory and it wouldlook silly to keep the bay!) so I'm a bit worried following some of the comments on here! Any recent experiences (good or bad) of Weatherglaze or others involving some building / removal work???
  14. I love Sheffield Forum - useful advice and entertainment all in one!
  15. Thanks guys - good suggestions. Will chase my quotes and get heating done as soon as I can! Might have to see if we can stretch to some short term storage (or speak very nicely to friends with lofts) though as we've barely got any storage space to pack stuff that's not needed out the way!
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