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  1. The backlight is okay, I think. It stays on when the screen goes off. Also, when the screen is on it seems fine, as normal. It's just this flickering business. When not flickering it's perfect. But the flickering has made it unusable. If it is the screen cable, do you know how much it would cost to fix?
  2. Hi, My tablet screen started flickering erratically, screen will stay on a bit, go black, flicker on/off etc.. Touchscreen still works though. I factory reset the tablet but it's still the same. Seems to be okay apart from that, but it's unusable right now. Screen looks good when not flickering & still works when screen is black (icons can still be pressed although can't see them) It hasn't been dropped, hasn't got wet or anything. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Or how it can be fixed? Tablet is a LG Gpad 8.3 Thanks
  3. My partner and I haven't received our polling cards yet. Has everyone else? Should already be registered & I don't know what to do now. We usually have a postal vote but the deadline for registering is tonight. I shouldn't need to register again though & is too late for postal I think :\ I filled in the online registration form & at the end it said that they would need to contact me, so I didn't complete it.
  4. Hi, How many carboot sellers have booked? Coming as a buyer, I do love a few good carboot stalls XD
  5. I'm with you this is a terrible change. Can't get to Aldi either. Long way to walk with a load of shopping. Why cut out 2 popular supermarkets? Also, I don't get the one way thing, if you catch the bus at Hartley Brook or High Greave and get off at Ecclesfield, how do you get back home if the bus goes along Green Lane & back to Town on the old route? A round trip to town and back to get home? The only place we can easily get to from Shiregreen is Town. Everywhere else is 2 buses. Meadowhall is 5 minutes away, 2 buses. Chapeltown is 5 minutes away, 2 buses. Hillsborough a bit further away but 2 buses again.. It's ridiculous! There should be a new direct route from Chapeltown to Meadowhall via Shiregreen.
  6. Says Saturday the 10th on the front page. Although the date is correct people might overlook that and turn up a day early.
  7. Yes, I know. Did you read the document? You're telling people to educate themselves properly on the subject. We are or trying to. That's why I posted the document. It's from a source that is directly concerned about the animals welfare, and nothing else. No agendas etc... Do you think that 'all' animals should be stunned before slaughter? I do. Do you think that there should be cameras installed in 'all' abattoirs? I do. What's your opinion on the subject? You've posted a few times but haven't given it.
  8. I educated myself last night. You seem to think that there's nothing cruel about Halal slaughter. When slaughtered for religious reasons animals don't have to be stunned first. These exemptions should be stopped. Hopefully you will agree. Please read the RSPCA document. https://www.rspca.org.uk/ImageLocator/LocateAsset?asset=document&assetId=1232719611043&mode=prd I think the cameras are a good thing, definitely a step forward. Being cruel to an animal is wrong, no matter who does it and for whatever reason. ---------- Post added 16-08-2017 at 02:22 ---------- It can take up to 2 minutes for a calf to lose consciousness. Government‟s independent advisory body, the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC)
  9. The Thorpe Hesley one is pretty full today.
  10. Could someone that's going as a seller post on here in the morning & let us know if it's on? I want to go as a buyer but don't want to make a wasted trip if it's been cancelled. Thanks
  11. I might go as a buyer, could you tell me how many cars will be there? Haven't been as many the past couple of years. Thanks
  12. Anyone else see four planes flying low towards shiregreen other day I could swear they were old like spitfires or something. Thanks for reading
  13. Hi can anyone tell me how much is it to get a new screen fitted for a Htc One x Plus and is the screen same as the older Htc one x because it's Sunday I thought I would try one here thanks
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