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  1. It’s so bad that you are told you are too far gone to help
  2. Has anybody on the forum ever suffered from extreme OCD and had any successful treatment. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. I’m looking to find a lady who will be around the age of 49/50 who was adopted at birth. She was named Claire Louise by her birth mother who nursed her for a few weeks before she had to give her up. The birth mother was only young when she gave birth to her. I am desperate to find her and she knows she was adopted as she contacted us on Christmas Day in the early hours about 2003 but we didn’t get any details from her as she was very upset at the time. I have been trying to find her for years. Please if you know anyone please reply. Thank you
  4. He told me the mother’s name and we traced her through her son and daughter and they confirmed that she did have a child adopted at birth and was also desperate to find her. They asked their mother the name of the father and it was a friend of her brothers but it wasn’t David Blythe. It all seems so odd because where did he get the name from and she did have a baby adopted. We are at s dead end x
  5. Hi, I know it’s a long shot but I am trying to find the daughter that my husband fathered probably nearly 50 years ago. He never knew what happened to her as they didn’t stay together. I don’t know any details about this daughter only that she actually rang our house in the early hours of. Christmas morning about 15 years ago. She was crying and said that my husband was her father but was really upset and I never got any details. I always knew about her but my husband didn’t know anything about her. My husbands name is David Blythe and he went to Dinnington College and worked at Orgreave pit. If anyone can help me I’d be very grateful.
  6. I am looking for Peter Wilson who lived at East Glade Hackenthorpe in the 70’s. I believe he was a friend of my late husband and I need some information which he might be able to help me with. Any help would be most grateful.
  7. Hi was anyone on the forum friends with my husband David Blythe who worked at brook house colliery in the early 1970’s or went to dinnington college with him. I need some information regarding a friend of his. Thank you
  8. Hi all, A few of us ex Mushet workers have met up a couple of times but there are loads of people who we can't contact. We are holding another reunion on 11th June in the Benjamin Huntsman Wetherspoons pub opposite Cole Brothers at 12 o'clock. We usually meet upstairs. It would be great if a few more people could come. Please pass this message on to anyone you know who used to work at Mushet and hope to see you there.
  9. Hi, My husband was David Blythe. His mum, Evelyn and Annie Webster were sisters.
  10. Hi I am trying to trace the daughter of my husbands cousin Her name is Alison but I don't know her married name. Her parents names were Joe and Barbara Webster who lived on Kirkdale crescent in Handsworth. Nothing to worry about. Just need some information. Thanks
  11. I worked in the wages office from 1969 to 1978, Joyce Evans was in charge, I worked with Liz, Audrey, Lorraine. I started in the cost office with Jackie, Brian Summerson, Eric Burling and Frank Billington. I met up with Brian and Pat Cain, (Pat worked with Eric Kirby upstairs in the old factory next to the canteen), last week after 36 years. We are meeting up again with all those above and more, ark Kirby is coming , hopefully Rod Blye, on Friday 23rd January in the pub in Meadowhall, the one in the oasis if anyone is interested. Bernard Dye was the training manager when I started.
  12. Hi, Is anyone who worked at Mushet up for meeting up on a Saturday afternoon at Meadowhall or somewhere for a catch up. Been in touch with a few people who are up for it, Brian Summerson, Mark Kirby Pat Cain, Audry Greaves, Lorraine Green, Liz and me (Lynne,) hopefully we can get a date together. Only day I cant do is 13th December. Hope we can get a few more. Please give dates.
  13. I've just passed the road, badger close, and there's nothing there now. Hope it wasn't the little boy.
  14. Something happening on the Badger. loads of police cars and lots of police. Got the road blocked by a police car and police tape across top of the road. Top end near northern counties houses.
  15. I think everyone at Mushet in the 70s remembers Mr Elliott. Probably Our biggest claim to fame. I remember Roy Turner. Would you be interested in a bit of a reunion. I have been in contact with Mark Kirby who is in touch with some other who will come. Also Pat Cain who worked on the top floor with Eric Kirby and Don Wallace.
  16. Hi, I am looking to contact people who worked at Osborn Mushet on Penistone Road from 1969. I used to work in the wages dept and have been talking to a couple of others who worked there who would be interested in having a get together. If you did, and would be interested please get in touch. mind you I dont know if we would recognise each other after all these years. It would be good though.:hihi:
  17. Thank you for that I will try him there.
  18. Hi I am trying to contact Mark Kirby who used to work at Osborn mushet tools on Penistone road. His father Eric worked there also. If anyone can help I would be grateful.
  19. Hi, I havent been on for a while but was wondering when the next reunion was as I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. xx
  20. Hi, I know I haven't been on here for a while but wanted to let everyone who knows me and my husband Dave that sadly he passed away suddenly on Thursday 11th July. The cancer returned with a vengeance and we were only given the news on 6th June. I am devastated. xxx
  21. Thank you for all your replies an good wishes. I will update you on things. Thank you. xx
  22. Hi, does anyone know of any insurance companies that cover people with cancer. My husband had bladder cancer and had it removed 4 years ago. He recently went to the hospital for his yearly check up only to be found that he has cancer in 2 lymph glands. We are going away to Cyprus on 30th june, he will start his chemo when we get back but we need to try to get insurance if we can. Has anyone any ideas. Greatly appreciated.
  23. Me and my husband live in a block of four flats for over 50s. There are two people living in each of the flats. Two tennants in two flats are registered disabled. We are only allowed 3 bins between us. This was ok until the collections changed to fortnightly collections. The black bags were piling up so I rang veolia who said if we took them to the side of the road the bin men would move them, so I have been taking the bags down to the roadside for about 2 months and they have been collected, until today. I rang them and was told that they should not be collected as the bin men would get the sack if they were caught taking them even though I was told they would. I totally understand the men leaving them if they are under threat of losing their jobs by doing this so asked why we couldnt have a bin each. I was told that we had ample bin space with the three bins, in fact, she said, you have enough space with the 3 bins to hold the refuse of 15, yes 15 people for 2 weeks. I started laughing and said, surely you must admit that you are talking rubbish (pardon the pun) to which she said no, you have ample volume for 15 people, people in flats have to share. So she proceeded to tell me that I had to take my own rubbish to the tip. I cant get my breath, I am going to look a right pillock on the bus going to the tip, that is, if they allow you to take that type of rubbish. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
  24. The handsworth Social club is doing extremely well, thanks to the committee that took over about 5 years ago. Have been going in for about 30 years and it is one of the best clubs ive been in. but it is so sad about the demise of the working mens clubs. We have enjoyed many years visiting clubs like Crookes, Dial House, Bellhouse Road, Handsworth WMC, the ones at Manor, Darnall libs and Darnall Green, just to name a few. A big favourite was the Pitsmoor WMC, also Limes. It really is a shame.. But as the other user wrote, Idsworth Road (Firth Park WMC) has always been a favourite
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