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  1. Rozee, Some info for you to add to the FIRST POST:- Car boot sale every thursday. Starts Thursday 16th April Chesterfield Road (A619) Junction 30 off M1 Set up 9.30am Opens to public at 11am £7 any size vehicle Bouncy castle, catering vans Tel:- 07833 543747 Sat Nav:- S43 4TT Also J29 now allows EVERYONE who is standing in at 10AM (I know the paper says different) but I've been going since it restarted and MIKE the runner of the boot allows ALL people who are STANDING in at the same time which is 10AM there is now no queue of booters outside waiting to get on for 12noon ALL sellers are allowed in a 10am it costs £10.00 for a car, £12.00 for a small van and £15.00 for a larger van. The Public are allowed on from 12.30pm (the paper says 1PM) but it is 12.30pm. Hope this helps everyone.
  2. Hi all, I have a dark green leather chair which I need recovering on the seat part, but the seat part is attached to the chair. Any ideas of quality people who do these sort of recovering? Thanks in advance
  3. I understand that people may have their opinions and want to express them but i really do feel that people on here should spare a thought for the parents at this time on their loss of hope and send as many well wishes as possible for faith. We cannot and shouldnt comment on this thread about what we would have done, how can we comment on something like this until in that position ourselves. Rest in peace little one. xxx
  4. This morning on the news they were saying about introducing hi vis vests for people who are on community service. It says on the back of the vest 'community payback'. Do you agree ?
  5. Jim I went too there was about 15 cars, it was cold and wet, got a few things but nothing too exciting.
  6. Chesterfield christmas market 10am-6pm 23rd november 2008. There should be a mixture of new and second hand on the market.
  7. Hello and happy halloween to all those who enjoy it. What have been the best dressed houses then this year (in our opinions)?
  8. J29 Twin Oaks - Saturday car boot sale. Its the last one on 8th November so I was told.
  9. Hello. I was just counting up our change 1p's, 2p's £2.00 coins to pay for the road tax! and started to wonder how many people actually collect loose change to save for a rainy day? It makes me wonder how much money is lying around in our homes. I know someone who saved £1200 in £2.00 coins, the most we have saved in £2.00 coins was £350. Whats the most you have saved.
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