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  1. Im thinking about spendinf some time at the Fairtex Muay Thai camp in bangkok but wanted to find out if anyone had or knew anybody who had visited this camp and could recommend it or suggest an alternative if not
  2. ok my turn started muay thai in 1989 trained for 1 year moved to dodgy freestyle/kickboxing club 2 years taekwondo started in 1990 till present wing chun in 1999 till present jkd/kali/eskrima dabbled a bit ,started serious instruction aroung 2002 till present muay thai(again)2002-present invited to join guro bob breens jkd/kali international instructors programme in 2003 attend seminars and lessions with guro breen every six weeks continue to dabble/play in other systems as and when i can
  3. my name is jamie beaumont i am and have been a full time martial arts instructor in rotherham for coming up to five years I had the great pleasure of being taught privatly by mark for over a year before he moved premises and we lost touch. Being a full time instructor and being involved in the martial arts for 16 years im a pretty good judge of whether an instructor is a talker or the real deal so to speak I came to mark as a taekwondo/wing chun sytlist and through his guidance and excellent instruction i became involved in numerous martial arts ,ju-jitsu and muay thai to name a few and am on way to becoming an apprentice instructor in jkd/kali under guro bob breen Mark hayes is an excellent insructor/martial artist,whose approachable down to earth manner deffinaltly qualify him as someone you should train with if you get the chance.
  4. for kali try mark hayes at the source near meadowhall trained with mark privatly for over a year he teaches doce pares and imb/inosanto lacoste kali, i couldnt recommend him highly enough
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