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  1. Loch Fyne - Salmon and oysters in the morning with champage
  2. 1. Abbey Lane 2. Loch Fyne 3. Bishops Coffee House and Bistro on a Thursday
  3. Always a safe bet ... might pop in later for my Breakfast Sandwich!
  4. Best one on London Road for me! Went Christmas Eve - always good service and very large portions Noodle Inn although the popular choice amy have a bit of competition. This place is bigger too - more seating
  5. Went in the other day. Staff are very new and you can tell. Service very fast, a few more weeks i am sure the team will catch up
  6. A man goes into a fish and chip shop with a salmon under his arm. He asks 'Do you sell fish cakes here?' 'No' was the reply. 'Shame, it's his birthday.'
  7. Please take the following as some constructive criticism. I went in when it opened and came away not spending a penny, although i travelled all the way to check it out. 1. had to step over plant pots to get in - the decor is some what of a personal taste 2. no one acknowledged us at the door, we wandering around finding a table. 3. no menus tho see except a chalk board with cakes drinks and alphabet pasta on 4. they came to take the order and i asked for a breakfast which they said they do not do and told me to go down the road for one ... there was an awkward pause ... so we we said ok and left. This will make a great tea / coffee and cake shop - excellent at this ... but can selling just excellent pots of teas and home made cakes keep you going. ... and never send potential guests to the competition.
  8. - Great too see most of these fantastic establishments still going!
  9. ... and i don't think you get many spur of the moment private functions. Would be you posting this if the restaurant was busy and had not tables... its the same thing in my book
  10. PeteM01 - let me remind you of your quote below. Are your current actions not a contradiction to your words of advice before on this thread? Fickle guests like you who come on here and slate businesses for just one small error (although this error i still believe is yours for not booking) who have previously enjoyed the services of that establishment on many occasions should really think twice about posting such negative and selfish comments. The London Club is a sheffield restaurant, Like the Dam House was ...... what is your aim, to close this one too? Its about time the sheffield forum supported the sheffield restaurants.
  11. Climax again? After all these years is it possible? Climax revival coming soon
  12. If you want a table in a restaurant then book - what a childish remark "We will be going straight to the Bar&Grill next time..." I think you need to go to McDonalds as i think this is the type of availability you or expecting
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