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  1. Hope the new businesses do well , looking forward to finding out what they are going to be .
  2. Yes just seen the two shops to let signs . Wonder what kind of restaurant it will be ? .
  3. Hi does anyone know what The Royal Oak is going to be ? there seems to be a lot of building work happening .
  4. I can remember Timberland ,think it was on the right as you went in to Kilner Way .
  5. Hi I know this is short notice but we,ve just been let down by our booked singer for our daughters wedding on 11th Oct . If anybody knows of any acoustic guitar /singers they could recommend we would be really grateful .I have checked out previous recommendations but they are 2 year old and web site not available . The wedding is at Whitley Hall and we,re looking for about an hours entertainment .Thankyou hope someone can help x
  6. My cat Buddy went out yesterday in Charlton Drive area of High green and hasnt come home ,this is very unlike him . He is black long haired , 10mnth old wearing a blue collar with a bell on ,he is very friendly . I am really worried and want him home . Please contact me if you have any info . 07791640441
  7. I really hope you have sorted something out Saffy its freezing out there . Please dont sleep in your car its too cold and not safe . Pm me if you need to talk or require help .
  8. Roman Ridge assisted living scheme on Lavender way Wincobank hold informal coffee mornings from about 10am Tues and Thurs where anyone is welcome . Also chairobics Weds am 10.30 am and bingo Weds afternoon 2pm ,there will also be new groups starting soon to be announced . Everyone welcome
  9. It seems not much is known about this horrible illness. It is now over 3 months since my attack and I,m quite well now so hoping it will never return . My consultant is Mr Gardner -Thorpe at the NGH . I have been left really traumatised by the whole experience .
  10. Thank you so much ,will do that . I,m just finding it hard to come to terms with the suddennes of it ,one day fit and well the next in hospital with tubes and catheters etc ,wondering what the heck happened . I,m just hoping the second scan has shown the pseudocyst to have shrunk or gone when I go for results on 23rd of this month .x
  11. I will check on that , I know 1 of the tests was going to the immuniology ? dept. Thankyou .
  12. I had a full set of blood tests done after the ct scan which was 4 weeks ago now . I hav,nt heard from the hospital and my appointment isnt until 23rd oct so I am assuming nothing nasty has been detected . I just feel a bit isolated because I dont know anyone who has had acute pancreatitis and most people dont even know what it is and how bad it is , I certainly didnt until I got it !. I feel really well now and am back at work so hopefully it will be good news when I go for my appointment . Thank you for the reply
  13. Hi I just wondered if anyone else has has this or know someone who has ?. I was rushed to hospital with extreme stomach pains ,I was in a life threatening condition and later diagnosed with acute pancreatitis .The cause unknown as no gall stones found and I.m not a drinker . I was discharged from hosp 8 days after ,still very swollen and in pain . I had a mri scan 4 weeks after discharge and found to have a pancreatic pseudocyst ,I had a ct scan 4 weeks after that to check again and I go for the results of this in 3 weeks . I feel really scared as I dont know anyone who has suffered from this at all and have been scaring myself by reading internet forums to try and find some info . If anyone has had this in the past and can give me any advise I would be really greatful
  14. This was the guy we used , he,s very good .
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