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  1. can anyone reccomend a decent sunday dinner at a pub ........ at reasonable prices
  2. look we all do things irationally sometimes i threw the pasty away on a whim and in disgust but i will still be seeing someone about it this week ive pointed it out on here to beware when buying from that counter
  3. went to morrissons hillsborough and purchased a steak and stilton pasty from thier own counter. i cooked the pasty and inside was a four inch peice of grissel that my dog would have puked on never again buying their own disgusting trouble is ive thrown it away when it should have been aimed at the the managers head
  4. resist it do not do it years ago myself and my sister used to do it finished up having to get the house excorcised by a priest:help:
  5. do not use ecclesfield fencing they are absolute crap
  6. hello everybody who might know me my name is wayne edley i spent about 2 year i think afeter emmigrating from australia although born in sheffield. i lived on chelmsford street i remember names as craig lambert brian chadwick john stanton and peter dams, teachers include mr rennie who used tomake little badges saying best attacker etc with a little star on.mr burns geordie teacher who used to take football i remember playing in newcastle colours and getting trounced every week.i also remember having sprintsaccross yard and rounders. i was also was on the front page of the star after the local rogue antony hindmarsh who i was with at the time fell on electric cables on the railway station but somehow survived . my parents movedacross the city and i went to chaucer, it would be great to hear from anybody
  7. apparently the little girl has a broken leg which is bad enough but obviously could have been worse
  8. i work at the local school and all i know is that it was a nine year old girl who went to mansell school
  9. a nine year old was run over on chaucer shops
  10. Ive been a member of both gyms hlc and ff in hillsboro pigland .my personal opinion of fitness first is that it is clique unfriendly and cold gym i hated every minute to me its very unwelcoming and intimidating if you dont live and breath body building cant be doing with it personally whereas hlc is the total opposite
  11. can anybodey confirm that chaucer are back at school monday
  12. yes the little darlings are back i know because i work their:cool:
  13. just sorted it out if you care to contact me when your ready cheers
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