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  1. boyfriday. for some strange reason i actually like you quite a lot so i try hard to debate with you. however, after recently losing my job {thanks gordy for letting in all the imegrents to sponge of the state til it collapses} i had the unpleasant experiance of having to go to sheffield job place. it is like spot the white person in there. full of muslims most of whom who could not speak good enough english to ask questions etc so had to wait until an interepeir {sp}was bought out costing the british goverment even MORE money on em. its a joke BF and i am getting heartily sick of em.
  2. Reason for Rehome / Sale : cannot cope with giddiness Time Scale – How Urgent? : a s a p Sale Amount: free Has the Dog been in Rescue : no Location : s20 Age & Sex : male/ 6 months Breed/ Mix : yellow lab/collie cross KC Registered : no Approximate size :will grow to same size as lab Exercise Needed: 2 x 1/2 hour walks. Neutered & Micro chipped :no Vaccinated & Wormed : yes Live in / out: in or out Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals :no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues : no Temperament : loving but exciteable Good or Bad with Children : good but fussy Dislike of Men or Women : loves them all OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals :brilliant with dogs not been around cats Travel OK in Car Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Destructive Behaviour : if left alone for a long period then he maybe chew. Barks: yes but not without reason Pull on the lead:not really, just excitement Crate trained. n/a Housetrained yes. General Information you can share about the Dog. i am placing this advert for a mate of mine who is finding this puppy too musch for him, the pup is a great all rounder but needs a firmer handler than my freind. he is a brilliant dog and would suit a family well but unfortunatly he is very fussy. please pm me for more details.
  3. please tell me why i am trolling mel. i am asking a simple question to which i have recieved replies. it seems to me you are trolling by bringing it up!
  4. what a very shallow veiw you have there. you have never seen me, never had a conversation with me, do not know anything about me yet you have drawn a conclussion that you do not like me! never judge a book by its cover mate.
  5. if you do not like the thread then do not read it. it is a perfectly simple question!.
  6. scot and a irish man a paddy. why cant a pakistani be called a **** and why is it that some black people call other black people ****** but when a white person calls a black person a ****** then they are racist? halibut need not answer!
  7. its a joke. if the job is going then they should be lucky to have been offered it { aint it usually the immigrents who get priority}. i would have no hesitaition in reporting the workshy. bring back the workhouses.
  8. :hihi: out of interest. who bought the word muslim into this? not me. when i think of terrorism i think of the IRA.
  9. i am not shocked, suprised or offended i have an opinion like everyone else on the planet and i am not afraid to voice it either. i have seen too many things by what "some muslims have done" not everyone is the same and i take people as i find em, unfortunatly, i have yet to meet a true british muslim. i'll tell you summat though. i admire their patriotism. they are true to their country!
  10. mmmmm we might all have to convert to islam soon or face stoning to death or summat. if the goverment keep on the way it is.
  11. the reason you see no swearword sweetie is because i went like this ******* its easy if you try .
  12. er where am i aggresive and i see no swear words either i do not like being called a racist and find it a tad racist that you bring race into it does that make you racist?
  13. am i racist? would you have said that had i put" are you christian?"
  14. errrr who mentioned muslims mate. not me. . i guess thats the first thing you thought of then
  15. when you think about terrorist activity what is the first thing that comes to your mind?. is it the twin towers tragedy or maybe the I R A bombings, maybe it is something else altogether. it would be interesting to find out what your first thoughts are on terrorism. please be honest.
  16. tel me about it. its back breaking work and the kids buggered off after about 1/2 hour, back to the safety of the xbox360 n central heating
  17. cant you remember building igloos when we had snow like this every winter or am i getting old
  18. right, got the first course of bricks laid and the foundations are quite solid but how the hell do i get it to curve without caving in my lad has given me the death threat that if it collapses after all this hard work then mother or no mother i am for it.
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