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  1. Small tri coloured terrier cross bitch. Tagged, neutered and chipped.Missing today in Eckington woods. She ran off after being attacked by another dog. Dog warden' Vets' Doglost all aware. Her owner is on holiday she was being walked by a friend so she does not know the area and will be very disorientated.
  2. I am based in Dinnington Peaches. If you want to give me a call tomorrow 01909 564632.
  3. We visited the area with our dogs late yesterday afternoon. We parked on Delves Lane and walked down to RV. Tried to call her a few times and looked around but didn't see anything. Just wanted to let you know ypu have support hope you find her soon. X
  4. I don't know the area well so unsure if there are other salons locally. I would advise going mobile for a while first and build up a client base. I was mobile for a number of years before opening my salon. To open without a regular income is a big gamble when you have overheads. My salon has been open for 6 years now and I have two groomers working with me now to meet demand. Clients will keep coming back if they get a great knowledgable service and tell others too. I have never looked back. Good luck and as others have said do some research.
  5. Thanks for all the helpful recommendations guys.
  6. I am after a local Gundog Trainer could anyone give me any recommendations of a good trainer, who uses positive training methods. Many thanks
  7. I heard about this on facebook and am shocked and saddened. I knew Jackie from my early days with Thornberry. My thoughts go out to Jackies family. RIP Jackie
  8. Pm user Murf on here. She comes highly recommended by me which says a lot as I am such a picky sod.!!
  9. Just had a call from a friend who has spotted a cat by the side of the road.:sad She was unable to stop unfortunately, but asked me to post here in case anyone was searching. It was on the roundabout A57 M1 Junction 31. So sorry...RIP little puss x
  10. My friend has lost her much loved family pet ferret from her home in South Street Dinnington. The kids are devastated and we are all desperate to get her home. If anyone can share this on facebook or anywhere else they can think of it will be very much appreciated. Please anyone in Dinnington please keep a look out.
  11. Maybe worth the OP volunteering to walk some of the dogs at Thornberry and call it "putting something back" for the favour Thornberry did you when you took your dog in to them. |You will gain some experience in dog ownership and help the dogs in their care at the same time. Forget getting a Springer and also a Cocker for that matter, as they are just as mad I have experience of both these breeds (I have a Springer and my sister has a working Cocker and both are very obsessive and high energy, particularly working strains. Don't be fooled into thinking Cockers are easier than Springers, they can be worse.
  12. Ahh bless you Murf. Listen folks I know how much of a challenge this is for her and I hope we can rely on some support from you. If anyone can share on facebook Thornberry are really desperate for funds. I am really proud of you Murf good luck flower. Xx
  13. We had a stall there over both days last year for Pet and Equestrian and it was dire. I really hope things have improved this year as the organisers were more than useless.
  14. I lived down at the bottom No 37 about 15 years ago and found it to be nice and quiet (cant speak for the top end which I think would be a bit busier with the co-op opening late). My friend still lives there and I do go and visit and she is more than happy in her home. I wouldn't hesitate to live there again as I had lovely neighbours and no problems at all. The only issue with that road was the parking, its a parking nightmare.
  15. Hi all, we have a vaillant boiler and currently have no hot water or heating. I have pressed the reset button and the green light is flashing. When we turn on the hot water tap the boiler does not fire up and the water is cold. We are getting the following info in the digital display S.2 which changes to S.3 and then S.33 which when we looked in the manual states that their is a flue problem? we are not getting any error codes at all. Can any friendly boiler folks shed any light or give us an idea on cost to repair this fault? Thanks
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