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  1. ive seen barbel in the sheaf at heeley bridge maybe a couple at most on the side where the old bridge inn pub is,not sure how they got in,but you can fish the sheaf at various places further up, such as tesco's and millhouses,maybe they have got in from the abbeydale industrial hamlet pond? walked on the canal in the rain monday and noticed various pike and carp bait packets throw in the bushes along with the bankside's burnt and the walls black are certain people catching pike and carp and cooking em on the bankside? this was between bacon lane and staniforth road and also the access point at bernard road, very worrying, on the plus side it looked very very tasty the canal and full of fish!
  2. spent loads of time in graves as a kid and probably even more now with my son playing sunday league etc,still a great place, i fished in the lakes and swam in the "boater" myself and my best mate had the unfortunate experience of trying to help the poor grandad who's granddaughter drowned back in 1982,never ever want to repeat that.
  3. what a star!! what goes around comes around,hope you have some luck for such a kindly deed, sadly the world is short of good honest people like you.
  4. T**T! yes it must be ace to be able to describe ex's and people who you dont like in general with words like that! JCC is awesome he played the univ last april, As for markmywordz i remember going to the tv show the tube in the 80s when he was on, and after the show seeing him stood at a bus stop waiting for a bus to take him to the train station,nowt like fame!
  5. awesome! we went couple of months ago and ordered a bit to much! next time we will skip the starter and go straight to the main course, which there was loads and loads,we where probably the only english in at the time as most where iranians etc so that speaks volumes about the quality of the food!!
  6. eccy road? is'nt it ecclesall road? why the sudden name change? full of 10 bob millionaires and people so far up there own backside,with not even a bucket to p**s in, try the green room on devonshire street,best bar in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. she was a legend, she certainly got me back in my feet! i had to walk everywhere as i couldn't afford to run a car,once i got made redundant!!
  8. the words "get out more" "turn your radio off" "get a life" spring to mind,you seem to have a lot of time on your hands.
  9. bus service is rubbish,but then again most of the other areas in sheffield are the same,schools are ok,sportsman and cross are ok,graves park is the best park in england,woodseats is 5 min walk down hill and 15 mins back up, quite a few "ten bob snobs" but isnt there in most areas of sheffield?
  10. in the sheffield star one character said he was a stay at home dad! So who was looking after the child then?
  11. could just about see it in norton lees
  12. i worked here when it was a delivery office and the floor was completely block paved but in wooden bricks,it was polished once a week by the cleaners who had been working for royal mail forever! all the toilets where tiled in those great long brick shaped white tiles,plus all the radiators where the old cast iron and everything was what you would find in a antique dealers now,such a shame.
  13. is'nt it about the young lads enjoying themselves? yet again parents getting involved,laying the law down,taking control blah blah blah,well when september comes and teams are struggling to put a team out and if they cant then the lads who want to play dont,purely as there is not enough numbers, grow up you set of monday morning managers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. usual story, they sell out in 5 mins or so and then they appear 15 mins later at vastly inflated prices on other ticket sites, doesnt it say on the terms and conditions there is no resale allowed on them? basically legalised ticket touts.
  15. you dont need tickets, its a free festival,and the last 2 years where excellent,im looking forward to seeing the hipshakes!
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