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  1. Anyone else having problems with 02 phone signals in chapeltown ???? My partner not had a good phone signal For 2 days now he not receiving any Messages or calls,someone told him it was Because 02 had launched their 4g in that area?
  2. Anyone know what's happened in the jennel on Gregg house that leads to shirehall. There are 3 police cars parked at the end on Gregg house & bottom is also blocked off with police ??
  3. if you get 1 of their paper maps all the shops that have a red x next to them DO NOT accept the vouchers i know this as i have just had to use 1 i got for xmas :-)
  4. yes i had 2 different ones but both in the same afternoon,they were both carrying some fold up ladders round with them. I certainly didn't let them in.
  5. SYP Air Operations ‏ @SYP_AirOps 5.15PM Hartley Brook. Officer chasing a wanted male. Attend & locate the male for Officers, upon seeing SY99 the male surrenders to Officers.
  6. They need to be programmed to the car via a ford computer because of the immobiliser chip in the renote fob so sorry but more expence unless you find a garage that won't charge for doing it. My partners garage charges about £30 for the programming. hope this helps.
  7. my partner works for ford & he says if you have tried various batteries & they are going flat quick then the fault is the circuit board in the remote that is duffed! time to buy a new remote but be prepared as they arn't cheap about £80 unless you use ebay & you may find 1 cheaper on there. hope this helps beanz
  8. No think they packed up a while ago,think the only other bike learners/testers is the 1's at hillsborough owlerton stadium (dog track).
  9. This lady does some amazing cakes & cup cakes she is from sheffield & her prices arn't bad,take a look at her pictures & see what you think. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196702303 :)
  10. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196702303 she makes some fantastic cakes & buns with reasonable prines :-)
  11. ice skating at ice sheffield good atmesfere & food good for kids been to a few there now .
  12. Thanks peeps for your replies i will have to try n put her out early evening & hope she does her toileting then & doesn't need to go out during the night Hopefully the fox will find else where to go soon when it comes to breeding time lol.
  13. Hi all can anyone tell me if fox's kill cats ? i am asking this because i have an old cat that is quite slow & she suffers from senial dementure,she will only go out to go to the toilet & recently a fox has taken up to coming & sitting/laying at the bottom of my garden so i am worried to let her out at night if she needs the toilet,she won't use a litter tray i have tried before,any suggestions on how i could save my cat or deter the fox ? Thanks beanz
  14. BRILL!! news so happy he has pulled through & makes a full recovery soon.
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