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  1. I heard what sounded like 6 gunshot then saw a car speed off with no light on
  2. Where is the best place to go in sheffield for advice in benefit tribunals
  3. Ok ty will find it ---------- Post added 09-05-2013 at 23:46 ---------- Found link very useful thank you
  4. Ok ty will try there ---------- Post added 09-05-2013 at 22:50 ---------- Sorry not maggies park its maggies fields s5
  5. Can anyone tell me where maggies park is s5
  6. No. you only have them when u have kids dont ya
  7. I need help getting out. I haven't been able to be go out on my own for over a year, i have told my gp and they wanted to put me on anti-depressants i dont want any more tablets. I suffer from amnesia so im scared to go out i cang even talk the dog out. Can anyone suggest anything to help.
  8. I have just returned to work after having an operation and i wanted to book some holidays for June my boss told me i couldnt because i havent been back to work long enough can they do this??
  9. Both my son and daughter went to woodthorpe school. Mr Thew was an excellent head teacher he will be sadly missed by everyone.
  10. is dripping cakes a sheffield food??? mmmmmmmmm
  11. I am off work after having an operation. Can i look for another job and attend interviews whilst on sick?
  12. i grow up in eccelsall, in which we were burgled several times and had our car stolen 3 times. i now lived in woodthorpe for 14 years we have never had any trouble and we ahve now bought our house. My brother lived on the manor estate for many years and never had any trouble he now lives up abbeydale he has had no end of trouble. It just shows theres good and bad in every area. i feel i can walk around the streets around ere night or day and feel safe.
  13. Yes its closed down trevor and his wife have retire due to health reasons but still live above the shop their shop was a big part of the community and will be truely missed.
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