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  1. Where did that BIG chip on your shoulder come from? Who cares if Leeds and Barnsley have better shops and more stylish people (snigger) only you! sad lonely git
  2. And how long has East Midlands and Leeds/Bradford been open? I don't expect miracles, but I do know that Manchester is now an International airport and that Finningley-Doncaster-Robin-Hood-Sheffield-International-Hows-Yer-Father is never going to catch up no matter how long it's open, because of the massive investment that has put Manchester so far ahead. It's the only viable international airport outside of the London area. Business people want to fly to Manchester and that's how airlines make money. The infrastructure is already in place at Manchester. Who is going to invest in a terminal to an airport that has no flights and potentially won't ever have? Why dont you just go and live in Manchester or London for gods sake! Shut up and go away . I can tell that you speak with a nasal whine and probably enjoy a round of golf and even worse probably watch it on tv whilst wearing the stupid check trousers....c..t
  3. pay to join! you must be joking !stuffs not even sold at a good price and look at earlier threads to see which scumbag does his shopping there. They only sell Sh..e anyway
  4. Morrisons at Hillsborough ! fat ,scary, stupid people in wednesday shirts a lot of them hobbling on sticks. Wife will go to Netto or Aldi but not Morrisons in Sheffield 6. Its not nice paying for your food standing in a line of stinking fat people.
  5. No childish insults then , ok. I didnt ask the police chief anything I was told (by a council worker, or city ambassador in a uniform )that he ' was aware of the situation. Who said it was an argument? you might like to think so I thought it was just a discussion on a web site! I take it you are unacustomed to real arguments and finally , when did I state that I was intelligent?
  6. I refer to the chief constable because that is who I was told to refer to by the people who dish out the tickets, which if you could be bothered to analyze my statement , you could have worked out without having to ask. Are you a copper? I hear you can get in now with a size of 4'10'' and an IQ which is sub 100
  7. Sorry titian. Are you a teacher? Is it possible for you to have nice red hair? I dont think so!
  8. These fines will not be paid, that is why the old traffic wardens did not bother to issue tickets . You already know all this stuff so stop bull****ting and tell the truth. Ask the cheif constable
  9. The new Broomhill Residents Parking scheme comes into operation on Monday 4th September and improved levels of enforcement will be a feature. There will be a number of Attendants allocated to patrol the area every day. However, in the first two weeks of operation we will only be issuing warning notices to people who transgress in the limited waiting and permit parking bays, so that everyone has time to get used to the new arrangements. Anyone wanting to report a parking problem which needs enforcement action can contact Parking Services on 2736158 email In other words they will carry on doing exactly what they want to , whilst the rest of the tax paying , law abiding people get tickets...sick and forget ringing numbers to complain...god are you serious? Ordinary people will sort out this countrys problems, not police or politicians. They dont give a ****
  10. My mate was working on a roof in Crookes and saw a delivery of chicken to the resteraunt opposite, white transit, no cooling system, middle of summer, bangs on the door of said resteraunt- no one answers! the delivery guy left it on the back step of the former terrace house which is on the corner of a street. He threw it in to a skip nearby and was sad as he used to eat at that place. Dirty Ba.t.r.s
  11. There has been a thread about this before which I think may have been pulled as usual by the pc brigade. This was some time ago but I can assure you that the same thing is still happening on Fridays. I notice as I take the car to my wifes workplace on a Friday sometimes and walk past the 'place of worship' on my way home. Ive mentioned it often to the wardens who will happily dish out tickets to people who have to be at Weston Park Hospital , but ignore the people visiting the university owned property that I mentioned earlier. Perhaps the University of Sheffield should be made aware of this
  12. Jesus wept, recipes are one thing but you take a real shine to yourself dont you jissom. is that a mirror for your avatar! David Copperfield look out, with a mirror of course.
  13. They are all over Broomhill like wasps on a hot summer day in a bin outside the lolly shop! I got one just for nipping into a bank at Broomhill for 2 minutes. If you want to get away with parking illegally join the throngs of people (dare not say what colour or creed as this is a leftie board) who go to prayers on Friday afternoon near to the Charles Clifford/ Weston Park Hospital/New Jessops area they block peoples drives park on yellow lines and generally do what they like, with not a ticket issued. If you confront the traffic people about this as I did they will state that ' The chief constable is aware of this' THAT is discrimination.
  14. london underground is full of stinking people, as is paris metro
  15. Snob! I eat them in Sheffield market all the time with no problems. What makes you think people in these parts dont eat oysters . Arrogant southern wa..er
  16. I cant believe anyone can be thick enough to spent thousands on wheels, tyres, exhausts and sound systems when the car is worth about £75 quid. Buy shares in Halfords or the group that owns them and it will give you even more pleasure when you laugh at them.
  17. He might have been from Scotland and called Patrick I think **** is a nickname for that forename up there as there was a problem up there with some white young lad who had bought himself a PAK 1 number plate. Ridiculous because they where using it before we had any immigrants! no wonder ordinary people get p....ed off
  18. Sting, Bonio, Geldoff and quite a few others should just keep their mouths shut and do what they do best which is make (mostly) good music. They want you and I to pay of third world debts i.e. yours and my mortgage rates will increase. Ive seen where Bono lives, his heating bill could feed half of bloody africa. If the debt gets paid it will be loaned out again in next to no time so some fat tw.t can ride around in a Rolls-Royce .
  19. Not bragging or owt but Ive worked just about everywhere in the UK. If you want sour faced ,surly and downright rude people- anywhere close to london is THE place . Perhaps zanglo is homesick and just misses sour faced rude tw.ts.
  20. So which middle class place did you get your veggie indoctrination from tab 1? Let me guess...Nether Edge or commonside or are you a new age middle class person with dreadlocks. p.s. I realise you think Im a moron but I would rather take my kid down to the tax office to sort things there and then rather than post it and never hear a thing which has happened twice now. Kid is going to uni next term and is very good at English, just doesnt like forms with stupid questions. They intimidate me no end contracts and stuff (I rent out houses to w.nk.rs who dont beleive in mortgages and owning property. Catch yer later
  21. Im not suprised you dont want to get involved with RESPECT or march behind their banner ,Galloway is a real creepy person and a proper spiv of the WW2 kind. Socialist my arse.
  22. Just saw it 10 mins ago, fantastic a mackerell sky ithink its called
  23. Good luck to the Israelis I say, defending their country is a priority to them. You dont get Jews killing innocent people i.e. 911 or Madrid or London they seem to face the enemy without hiding behind civilians or hiding rockets in small villages as do most of terrorists firing weapons into Israel. A more intelligent people are the Jews I reckon anyway.
  24. They were both filling out forms honey and dont patronise people from Manor-(Whybourn? how do we spell it) ive lived there. p.s. I did not state colour or ethnicicity of these people you called that one
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