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  1. We had fights when i was at school back in the day There was me Aandrew Simon Craig Neil Chris Brian Shaun Mark Sam Ray Mick None of us had a knife ..... Wonder whats gome wrong ?
  2. Some of these posts show the jelousy some Sheffield folk have towards LEEDS .....i mean they cant even put the word LEEDS and resort to L**** ! Lol . Lived in Sheffield all my 50 years .....and the only affinity I have to Leeds is my beloved football team and some fantastic friends who I've met over the years following my team ! Quite simply Leeds absolutely Blinds Sheffield ! Shopping,bars,nightlife,growth, you name it .....it blinds Sheffield ! And thats from a Sheffield lad !!
  3. Hi all. I understand that Carillion have the contract to replace the tracks on the super tram network. Has anyone got any contact details for recruitment ? Contract managers name ...number etc... Tried the website and head office in Wolverhampton but to no avail. Currently working for a rail company but working a long way from home and would like to be nearer home ! Cheers on advance
  4. Had a walk through leeds yesterday starting at the huge and thriving indoor market ! Then walked through the indoor Victoria quarter,crossed the pedestrianised briggate,and onto the Headrow....! Crossed over the road and then walked through 3 indoor shopping centres calling in wetherspoons opposite the merrion centre ! Called at the 'winterland' event in millenium square before strolling back through the fantastic Trinity Centre ! Sheffield born and bred .....but the walk up high street,fargate and down the moor is nothing short of depressing ! And I did'nt get accosted by some livewire trying to get me to sign up for the world wildlife fund or some other organisation ! Leeds everyday !
  5. Agree !! Our prices were hiked up by Ken Bates years ago ....in fact My season ticket in the west stand (where the away fans are now housed) was £330 And when dear old uncle Ken arrived he increased it to £640 (plus £15 admin fee) lol. Have a look at our trip to Ipswich next week .....£43.....! Now that IS wrong. We'll sell out tho !
  6. Yeah yeah yeah ......another anti Chinese bigot blaming their whispers ! :-D
  7. Pleeeeeassseeee Previous name ;-)
  8. More obsession with Leeds.....(it'll be even worse when the fantastic new (not a fiver to park and is in the city centre) arena opens ! Lived in Sheffield all my 47 years .....and seen with my own eyes how much it's declined .... For 40 of those years (ish) i've been going to Leeds to watch my favourite football team Leeds United and i've seen how much Leeds as a city has grown. The cities don't compare......Leeds is a far nicer,cleaner city with fabulous shopping centres....bars and pubs that cater for different tastes. Anyway.....back on track.........It's just the same with the Sheffield Star........I'm sick of reading about some wheelbarrow thief from Rotherham,or a wheelie bin burner from Wingerworth ! And speaking of Calendar.....i get the 'yorkshire' version........while my dear old mum who lives 100 yards away get's the 'Lincolnshire' version ! Not keen of look north ........met Christa in Valencia during our champions league days and she came accross as completely stuck up ! AND as for that wetherman ......grrrrr don't get me started on him.....never like him since he showed his 'we all hate Leeds' mug off on tele ! Bring back Richard Whitely and the Ferret !
  9. We've sold our allocation of 5,500 so it should be a cracking atmosphere....... We've had a few players away on international duty this week (long haul flights) so i'm not that confident. I'd settle for a draw ,........but knowing my luck (and living close to Hillsborough with most of my mates being Wednesday).......i can see Wednesday winning just to make my life miserable for a bit !
  10. Hi all .... On my pc ....when I connect to the internet all I see is a blank screen with the message HTTP Error 403: the service you requested is restricted.....(blah blah blah). Worked fine the other day ! Any ideas how to fix it ? Regards and thanks in advance ;-)
  11. Hiya all... Popped a dvd into my dvd rom drive and nothing happens. Went into 'my computer' and nothing there either. Normally i'd see a 'dvd' icon..........click on it and it would play ! any ideas as to what the problem could be ? thank you in advance
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