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  1. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/breaking-gunman-on-the-loose-in-sheffield-1-8040169 ---------- Post added 29-07-2016 at 08:03 ---------- Its probably some old boy shooting rats in the brewery with an air gun. Lets hope so anyway
  2. Are there any updates on what is to become of the library?
  3. Thanks for that _ I had not considered varnish stripping might be different thing
  4. As titled I would like to take off my cupboard doors, end panels etc and have them dip and stripped so I can varnish them lighter. There are lots of threads on here but no solid info since 2009 really. Has anyone had this done or knows of a place to have it done? I can find one in Leeds on Yell but I would ideally like this local
  5. Thats not too bad if it is - I want to enjoy it as I loved the steelers as a kid but being ripped off completely just ruins a night for me
  6. Tonight for the first time in 20 years I am off to see The Steelers. I have visions of £6 for a 440ML cup of beer though. Anyone know what the drinks prices in there are nowadays? ( I think its cheaper for sports than at gigs?)
  7. I have now figured out the company info - MS Electrical. Mark Smith on 0114 231 6107. I can't seem to get hold of him though. Does anyone know if he still operates on here as I really need this cert?
  8. Hi guys. Long shot here as I'm desperate. A couple of years back a very nice mid thirties sparky did me my work in response to my post on here - one of you guys that responded. Long story short I have lost the part p thing and am happy to pay to replace it but I can't recall who did it. I can remember the guy well - slim, mid length indie hair and a big love for old school volkswagons. Is this any of you guys at all or do you recognize the sparky? I'd really appreciate the help as I'm in such a nightmare predicament here with it ( I need it to renew my lease and no one who didn't install it will cert it )
  9. Worth checking with them cheers. Anyone know one that def is doing?
  10. As per title guys - I'd like to combine the fight with a wee Saturday night pint or two if anyone knows an ale house showing it?
  11. As per the title. I missed my favourite quiz at the ball, crookes last night and am having withdrawal symptoms. Anyone know of a decent quiz tonight?
  12. No worries, look forward to hearing from you.
  13. Do you have to have specialist insurance to have a lodger? I have been thinking about letting a mate have a spare room as I could use the £250 a month he would pay and it would help him out but if its gonna be a hassle and cost even more than doubling the bills maybe its not worthwhile
  14. Bring it to Quarry assuming its a BMW Mini. http://www.quarry-motors.co.uk/ Call 0114 275 5916 and option 2 for service. If its an old school mini you need a more reputable but smaller outfit. If it is I recommend Gary at GP Autos, Walkley. 0114 234 4500. Good mechanic and fair prices
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