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  1. Whilst my dad was seconded to the Territorial Army, we lived on Belle Vue St which leads up to Hyde Road, on which Belle Vue was located. Looking out of my bedroom window you would see the roller coaster which I think were called "The Bobs" Used to go regularly and remember the "Tigon" A cross bred Tiger and Lion which was there somewhere between 1964 and 1967
  2. Contact your local Citizens Advice. There are entitlements she can have subject to length of time worked there / number of people employed. ACAS Website will give further details as posted above
  3. I have a four year old valiant combi boiler stored in a " coal house" adjacent to the kitchen. Hot water to the downstairs is brill. Upstairs is warm at best and when I have the radiators on in winter this drops to luke warm / cool. What can be causing this and how can I fix it? Thanks
  4. Never been closed. I have used it every day since damage occurred.There is one lane open, controlled by traffic lights. Max I have waited even at busy times is 5 mins.
  5. I doubt it. Halibut seems to have a habit of dropping in one or two comments then disappearing from the post. I would be interested in his response to some of the comments made.
  6. Bloody Hell! We have an SUFC player on the Forum in disguise! Or are we talking about the team in the Royal Sense?
  7. Went there at Easter - for the third time. One time too many really as it has not changed that much in seven years. Great Place especially the sweet shop! Good weather is definitely a help as you need to do a fair bit of travelling around the different sites. Take some sarnies etc as the eating places can get very busy and there are not many of them.
  8. I have worked in this industry for the last five years. Still got two arms, two legs, no defects and do not glow in the dark. I have no problem with living next door to one of these sites. As mentioned there are more realistic issues that should be addressed that will have the potential to cause problems.
  9. What an over reaction! The Waste Industry is tightly regulated, monitored by the Environment Agency and is at the forefront of technological advances. There will be no danger to the public from the activities that are going to be done on this site. The things you should focus on are that issues like vehicle access, noise and working hours have been resolved rather than getting all het up about the material that will be so tightly and carefully handled that they will pose no risk. You mention the area "blossoming" well this will continue that and will provide much needed employment to the area.
  10. Having spent yesterday evening playing with my little grandson who is three and a half, I can not imagine the anguish this family must be going through. Utmost condoelences to them all
  11. Have to agree. Have had a seaon ticket but have not renewed it this year as I can not see any progress having been made. Plus the thought of the players I enjoy watching either gone or about to go( if rumours are right) have stopped me from parting with my hard earned cash. Out of eight of us who had season tickets four have not renewed. If this pattern is across the board then it is a worrying sign
  12. The debate about middle class always causes me to think I am suffering from an identity crisis. My family came from toxteth in liverpool, dad never ranked higher than a sergeant in the army. Hoewever, I own my own house have a salary over 50k and therefore (apparently)should be middle class. I certainly don't feel middle class nor would I want to be one of a type of class that my upbringing led me to be a bit scared and resentlful of.
  13. I realised I was grown up(!) when a young lad asked me to pass the ball "mister" whilst I was walking past a game of football. I had to look round twice before realising he meant me!
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