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  1. hi minan knew your gran very well and son Raymond and you have lots of relatives in and around Sheffield.
  2. I was told it is to become a fine dining pub,upmarket so they say.
  3. I just found out today when my stair lift broke down that the sheffield city council have stopped Stanna stair lift contract. Has a few know that the council home adaptation dept fits stair lifts in council homes and Stanna used to visit and do checks etc. Mine broke down tonight and i rang stanna as normal and was told that the council has stopped the contract and i had to ring sheffield city council and find out who has the contract for stair lift repairs at 6-15pm tonight. rang out of hours repairs and was told ( we dont know,and stair lifts WE ARE KIERS). anyway turns out i got a what he called himself a lift repair guy who told me that the council had stopped stanna and kiers was doing all the checks and repairs etc. whats up with the sheffield city council in informing people who have stair lifts and council residents that stanna no longer has the contract?. so for all you people who have a stair lift and council residents and need repair ring the repairs or out of hours number if you get stuck.
  4. remember it being the co-op etc,then a lock up place for some mobile sandwich vans,those with the shiney silver vans etc. dont know the sandwich mobile name but they was lots of them around .
  5. Manor Top and Woodseats are to become asda,and they are training the staff now in wakefield every day,Netto closes at end of may and then asda gets in the shop fitters to rip the netto stores out and re-fit with new asda fittings plus Woodseats will have a bakery and a cooked spit chicken fitted inside it.
  6. just had five parcels delivered at 7-30pm by courier who told me they are now working for royal mail and delivering the royal mail parcels and foot post small items.im in S20.
  7. Hi just to let every body know that today around lunchtime my wife and my daughter was parked out side the hairdressers warehouse across from the post office in Hackenthorpe and my wife was sat in my daughters car waiting for her as she went into the post office to buy some stamps. This guy walked past and my wife heard scrapping noises and saw this man scrape my daughters car then walk on and scrape the car in front and walk away,my wife jumped out of the car and ran for this guy and confronted him saying it was him as she was sat in the car,then another guy walking towards them as all hell broke loose as this guy walked of saying he thinks hes done another car higher up etc. So my daughter and her mom set of in the car along with the owner of this other car and jumped out and grabbed this guy and then rang the police who came in force and took this guy away in the big van,what my wife said this man was about 50ish with a hoodie on and very calm until he met the wife heeeeee,ill let you know anymore info cu's the police are here now taking statements.
  8. I cant see where they can build a supermarket size near damons,unless they re-use the beighton hospital building as thats closed now or is closing this month,but a Aldi will be a nice addition to the peaks area.
  9. they is a paper back book about this film if you can't get the dvd,from sheffield city libaries at£3.95p.By GILL BOOTH ref number is:ISBN 0 86321 091 0.
  10. get to century mills,on woodburn rd,they got lots in and we go there and get them,plus if a pattern it takes 2 days order,as we got big wide windows.
  11. The chip shop did have a monkey and it was in a cage on the side of the chip shop,come to think about it i think the chip shop owners son was in the navy and he fetched it home,also along side of saint silas school near swift and goodisons was a police box and when us kids heard the black maria we used to run to see what was happening.
  12. hi pat i knew almost all those names you put in your class at St Silas,because i lived on Moore St,and lived only 2 mins away from St Silas,but i went to Springfield School,but its nice seeing St Silas and the area being mentioned. Good Luck With Your Search.
  13. Regarding back to back houses,i was born in a back to back house and we only had one room down stairs,a bedroom upstairs and a attic above the bedroom and a Celler The houses was in blocks of 6 at the front and 6 at the back with a big yard that housed the toilets which you had to share,as regards are they any left standing well they are about 6 standing on milton street which are the true back to back.also i got a photo of a real back to back housing and if you want a pic then message me with your e-mail address and ill send it you so you know what back to back hoses was in years gone bye.
  14. i was told by one of the managers at the DWP who do the recruiting for that area that subway was coming,and in woodhouse the revamped shops in the market place well they are all taken with jack fulltons/thorntons and many more
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