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  1. We are having issues with our immersion heater so I turned the immersion heater switch off at the fuse box. This also turned the power off to the burglar alarm as it started beeping and the screen said mains power failure. When i flicked the fuse switch back on the alarm stopped beeping. Is is normal to have a burglar alarm on the same circuit as immersion heater? Or is this dangerous?
  2. During the last week or so our water is red hot even though we haven't had the boiler on for one or two days. Could the immersion be on even though the switch for it is off? Or can water stay piping hot in the tank for two days?
  3. Hi, Wonder if anybody can help me. We have a gas fired boiler heating system. During the last week two of our radiators were only getting lukewarm when before they were red hot. Now all the radiators are just getting lukewarm. I have bled all the radiators so there is no air in any of them. The water is getting hot it's just the radiators. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I live in Lowedges and over two nights we have had all our solar lights taken and also our hosepipe. Just thought I would give people the heads up. None of the items were of high value but annoying that someone can come into my garden and take things.
  5. does anybody know if there are any car boots in Sheffield on Bank holiday Monday 4th May.
  6. Has anybody ever experienced a trapped nerve in neck. Not sure how I have done it but have had it for two weeks. It is absolute agony with throbbing right arm which feels like it is burning. Have not slept for a week as I can't find any position which alleviates it. I have been to doctors who gave me Paracodol which is not having any effect. I have seen a physio but still not helped. Has anybody experienced this? what helped you? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have just purchased a HP laptop with Windows 8. Is Windows defender adequate protection against viruses or is there better free virus software I can download? Thanks in advance
  8. I have 2 double and 4 single duvets nearly new. Can dog rescue centers use duvets?
  9. I had new UPVC doors fitted from Yorkshire Windows in 2007. Would anybody know if they would have fitted anti snap locks on the doors 6 years ago. If not how much do these anti snap locks cost and are they easy to fit? Thanks Darren
  10. Hi, I have three pull cord switches to turn lights on upstairs. One on landing and two in main bedroom (both both bedroom ones don't work, think its wiring rather than switch). Are there any electricians out there that could tell me how much it would cost to convert the pull cords to regular wall switches? We have a drywall in bedroom where the wiring could go. Thanks
  11. Team Doors fitted six internal doors for us and did a great job at a good price.
  12. JBradleybz also fitted an outside tap for me and did a great job. Would highly recommend.
  13. Hi, Wanting an outside tap fitted for use with hosepipe etc. Would anybody be able to give me a quote for doing job? Living in Lowedges area. Thanks
  14. I bought a car in January 2010 brand new and had a full service after 12 months with 4000 miles on clock. I now have only 7500 miles on clock and am due for a 12 month service. Do I really need a full service every year after 4000 miles as it will cost over £200? Or could I get away with an interim service until 12000 miles? I also have a 5 year warranty and don't want to affect it by not sticking to service schedule. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  15. Hi, I will be in on Tuesday or Thursday after 7PM. Thanks Daz
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