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  1. I just wondered if you guys and gals might know of the best places to eat out in Sheffield or even just to grab a snack to go, for those of us with less than satisfactory digestive systems. I, myself, am Lactose Intolerant and struggle with finding places to purchase foods more suited to my situation. Sure, some places offer Soya Milk, though I happen to find this to be a most unpleasant substitute for the flavour and appeal of actual dairy.
  2. I'll pay £25 if anyone can get me from Dinnington to Sheffield and back again. I need to drop something off at the train station. Any takers??
  3. Feel free to email any feedback to blake@firste11even.co.uk
  4. Nah. And, in fact, it's a nice little companion to the Green Un. Our magazine is packed with awesome reads based upon different fan's points of view. It's not a News Mag per-se.
  5. Who's already got their copy? GT News Stocking first e11even: Arundel Gate, Broom Lane, Brinsworth, Castle St Kiosk, Castle Square, Hartley Brook, Ecclesfield, High Street, Penistone, Market Hill, Barnsley Bus Station, Northern Gen Hospital, Oasis, Orchard Square, Parson Cross, Pinstone Street, Bents Green, Chapeltown, St Johns Green, Surrey Street, Sandygate Road, Interchange, Bradway, The Moor, West Street, Doncaster Interchange We're currently working on getting the site online but the magazine seems to be going down pretty well. It should be pretty sweet for any of you that like any of our Local Teams. From as far as Chesterfield to Doncaster, including all the big Sheffield Teams, some of the smaller ones, Rotherham and more to come in future! If you pick up a copy let me know what you think. http://www.firste11even.co.uk
  6. Come take a look at LP Records, round the Back of the Howard Pub, on Howard Street.
  7. I live in the Centre and, to be honest, it's looking better than ever. Sure, the Moor has pretty much half shut down due to redevelopment but it was horrendous down there before anyway, almost as bad as the Castle Market area of Town. The rest of Town (Fargate, Orchard Square, Division Street etc.) are looking pretty good lately and sell almost everything you could need to buy, for Christmas anyway.
  8. Where the best place to get a pizza at this time on a Sunday Night in Town? Deep pan preffered.
  9. Thanks anyway guys. The x4 was running from Dinnington to Sheffield.
  10. Thanks for that. Still misty on my Buses though so I'll check with a call in the morning.
  11. Hmmm, alright then, cheers. I'll give them a call in the morning, just to be sure.
  12. Don't they only run in Rotherham though? They only go as far as Aston and stop before Sheffield, right?
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