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  1. Hi Any Uber drivers about. Thinking about doing it need some advice please. Would be great. If you coukd send me a private message please. ??
  2. hi does anyone buy cars from British Car Auctions? can you private mail me if you do. need help thanks mac
  3. Hi Wonder if anyone can help? I’m look for a Personal trainer one to one. where I can go to the trainers house and use the trainers gym equipment help me get fit and build muscle. will pay Thanks Mac
  4. Hi, Dose anyone work at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital Car Park? Can you PM me please. Thanks,
  5. Anyone wanting any fire wood? we have Pallets you can have let me know
  6. Sheffield city centers primark got closed down the other day due to a little girl been taken out of her pram when her mums back was turned for two minutes. The staff closed the shop down so that know could get in our out and looked eveywhere for the little girl, they ended up finding the little girl in the changing room with 2 Muslim women and they had dressed her in boys clothes and cut all her hair off. now how scary is that and yet its not been on the news or anythin so please pass this on and let as many people know as you can this could happen again and to someone you know or even you. this is no joke it really did happen.
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