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  1. What's Feline like on Hickmott Rd please, I had one done when they opened and wondered if they still the best for another I want. Cheers
  2. What was the pub on a side street to the right past the shops on Spital Hill?..the furnival was good.
  3. Hi Posting on behalf of mi dad. If anyone wants lessons or are interested in wood carving, sticks etc. Please pm me. He sells them too if anyone is interested in buying any but he's wanting to teach. Romario
  4. Hi I've a Sony phone that needs a new screen but no shops seem to do screen replacements for waterproof phone screens has. Can anyone recommend anywhere inexpensive and reliable quality please. Rom.
  5. thanks al have a look, vodafone saying you need to download pc companion for sony as google drive dont do everything but gonna try thanks.
  6. Usually I just drag and drop however I hear I can use Google drive! Can I back up all photos, bookmarks, tasks etc this way?
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can use a pc in town to backup my phone before repair. Central library doesn't allow this as prohibited strangely, I can plug phone into pc there via usb, it recognises it but when I dbl click on the icon an admin issue comes up, normal usb stick is fine though strangely. Same problem with Internet Cafe on Wicker. I guess it's something they don't like shared pc's doing. Thanks.
  8. Ideally I'd like a desktop pc like the compaq evo small form factor they have now. If a tower can be layed on its side that would suffice as didn't know could do that. Just something inexpensive running Windows 7 or 10 I guess, an up to date version as the current pc is xp pro and things starting to not work.
  9. Sorry, no they have a small alcove with minimal space so ideally a desktop pc so the monitor can go on top of pc but as ghozer says if a tower on its side works that's cool. Just on a low budget.
  10. Hiya Theres some on London Rd at about £70 but they only have towers & i need a desktop. Looking to pay about that price though.
  11. Am looking for a cheap basic desktop pc basically for Internet streaming, email etc. Nowt pricey. If you get owt in let me know.
  12. 37.5GB, mi folks use it just for websurfing and youtube etc, i think theres at least 10GB of free space. Runs the unsupported XP. ---------- Post added 07-01-2017 at 15:36 ---------- Will do, am looking at something cheap & preferably desktop as they have a specific area for it to fit. cheers
  13. Hi Am just looking for a basic pc. Are there any descent refurbished pc shops around. Current one is a Compaq Evo small form factor with around a 30gig hard drive. Who it's for only uses for websurfing, streaming, youtube etc. Cheers
  14. http://s15.postimg.org/4dln1zacb/DSC_0700.jpg http://s15.postimg.org/vpgw3bf2z/DSC_0702.jpg http://s15.postimg.org/mvpzm7s4b/DSC_0703.jpg There we go, he has some more. Anyone like them give me a shout. Rom
  15. Hi all, since his retirement mi dads started making walking sticks & horn keyrings, initially it was all countryside sports things like animal heads but now he's started doing cartoon characters, super heroes etc. They are very good. http://s8.postimg.org/6njwuq5ut/DSC_0697.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/yz5grrpr9/DSC_0698.jpg
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