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  1. A short while back The Fulwood Inn was renamed does anyone know the new name?
  2. Keap away from Page Hall,havent you read the papers lately? Concord Rd. side is the best part of S5
  3. Mick Howe.Sorry I have mislaid your tele. no. Please get in touch Doug. Thompson All The Best.
  4. Lovely to hear from you Dave I remember P. Bishope well,and most of the staff at Woodside Lane. All The Best Doug.Thompson
  5. Sorry to hear of the passing of G.Antcliffe,I worked with him for quite a long time. D.Thompson
  6. Sorry to hear the Death of G.Antcliffe knew him very well,worked with him for a lo ng time.
  7. Are there any ex.British Relay employees about?Would love to hear from you. Also if you were employed by Visionhire.Worked for B.R.for 30years you must know now who is sending this message.
  8. I worked for British Relay from 1958-1979 in Sheffield, It took a good amount of organising to carry out the beginning of piped [as it was called then]television. There were many ups and downs but eventually we were able to give a reliable service until the Co.finished in 1979. Looking back Iam pleased with the effort I and the staff which we recruited in Sheffield made to the reception in the said City. D.N.T.
  9. Do you remember the Londeners that came to Sheffield in July 1958 to get piped television started? I was one of them,I would like to think that we gave Sheffield a good service,which I am sure we did.I am still living here having settled down quite nicely. D.N.T.
  10. Please could someone let me know if the ski village is still open, no one seems to know what is going on.
  11. Has the Ski Village in Sheffield closed, it has not been advertised lately.
  12. At the entrance to Concord Park at the junction of Sycamore Road there is a very large sheet of ice,this is due to a burst water main,this leak has been in excistance for at least two years. Why has nothing been done? Please can something be done to alleviate this problem?
  13. Who is the best to install wall bracket and erect TV on wall S5 area.M.S charge £249. much to much
  14. Does anyone know the original name of the public house on Crimicar Lane It is now called The Shiny Sheff
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