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  1. Hi, Please call my mobile if possible - 07995590933
  2. Hi all, I cannot find my business rates account number so unable to apply. Been trying the number for over a week, no answer or service temporarily closed. Where can I get this info? - I have no letters!!
  3. Hi, I don't think you can beat Sheffield Cakes by Elaine Charles. She has done the last 3 cakes we have had, our wedding cake and 2 birthday cakes for the kids, great prices too! http://www.sheffieldcakes.co.uk
  4. Hi all, Thanks for your responses. We have put a small deposit down which will be fully refundable. We just wondered if anyone has experience in buying a new build Properly and having the brick colour changed...it wouldnt be a change in brick type, just colour?! Why would this need planning Permission? Out of every 3 houses there is a red brick one all around the estate, is it worth contacting Rotherham council for their take on it all? Thanks
  5. The road our house is on will be 1 of 2, there are however 150 already built and they are a complete mixture of sand, red etc. even if they have bought the bricks, there's another 200 or so going up so I'm sure they could be used elsewhere! Just wanted to know if the sales rep was telling us a load of rubbish when she said the house would have to go right back to planning?!
  6. Yes we thought that but to be honest it's a small cul de sac and there is only 2 houses on it! Just wondered if anyone with building experience could comment re. The re-planning for a different brick? Just seems odd to us!
  7. Hi all, We are in the process of buying a new build property on the Waverley development with harron homes. Today we went and paid our deposit and were told the brick colour was going to be a sand colour, we were told originally this was going to be a red colour which we prefer. On the site there are a mixture of red, sand and stone coloured houses. We asked the question about having it changed to the red colour we have always thought it would be and were told it couldn't be changed due to planning? Have we just been fobbed off or is this really the case? Surely the same sized brick in a different colour would not affect the planning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  8. Eurocoms of Sheffield are now installers of Panasonic telephone systems. We are currently offering unrivalled pricing on all Panasonic telephone systems. Whether you want a complete new system including cabling or a simple upgrade, we have the expertise to help. Please visit http://www.eurocoms.co.uk, call 0844 3577 678 or email info@eurocoms.co.uk for more information. Thanks
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