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  1. There are some nightclubs in the centre, went there with some friends and his boyfriend, dempsey's is it still open ? But there is a new one think on west street OMG Don't go into town much now my clubbing days are over! ---------- Post added 08-01-2017 at 11:06 ---------- Ah just seen this after I posted, I know and there is no way I can dance like you guys can, are you born with the moves?
  2. I have one, but couldnt afford blades so bought a pack of bic disposables-big mistake, like shaving with glass, keep nicking myself all the time and has now decided to bring a rash out safe to day they are now binned!
  3. hmm im confused now, im leaving my flat in 2 weeks and when i asked them if i had to rip the carpets up they said no as long as its in good nick, should i rip them up to be on the safe side?
  4. try those finishing touches in hillsborough, Gill is brilliant and has some fantastic classes xx
  5. Im not so much bothered about the collections, its the fact I have to share with three other neighbours who fill it with goodness knows what! I take them out each week (all 4) as I don't want to see cats ripping up the bins I know I shouldnt have to but its the way I was brought up and the most hygienic thing to do but the problem will be theirs when I leave in 6 weeks
  6. peak district be a lovely place, and let us know how it goes xxx
  7. There are runningf clubs for under 16s, think a gym for a 13yr is a little too much, the sports she is doing sound healthy and active, no need to go to the gym until at least 16 when she has stopped growing and her muscles will be able to recover, but Id actually say 18 for it to be honest xx
  8. Im registered at a private dentist where I grew up and stay on the books, but been lucky to get on the nhs where I live at the moment. It is your choice and I know its expensive but I wouldnt trust the charles clifford only because I dont want students naffind my teeth up, didnt go through 4 yers of torture wearing braces for nothing! Have nothing against teaching hospitals just a thing about teaching dentists, I know Im a strange one
  9. it is disgusting I worked at farmfoods a when I was 18 and they decided they wanted fresh bread every day, so to my amazement at the end of each shift perfectly good loaves were thrown in the bin! the delivery driver saw us one morning and couldnt believe it himself, people from flats in hillsborough started taking them, saw no harm in it tbh dont think my mother was impressed though as I was offered some to take home one day so I took 3, problem being my brother had worked the morning shift and taken 5!
  10. which one? I knew they would do what they did with cliff hanger such a shame, and the same goes for all the other events hope the same doesnt go for bolsterstone its a lovely affair that gala and loe going to it xx
  11. Ive always worked in retail and have always accepted scottish and Irish notes as well as £50 but the £50 are always double checked by another member of staff, never had a problem accepting them, just one person didnt want it back in change! ont see the problem myself, just ignorance
  12. I had no idea, dont know that much, until I mention something and she passes something onto me bless. I remember it killing me when I was 11 but my mother had it when I was 8, remember that and whether you visit your grandmother or not she is still classed as an immediate family docotors should know that, my grandfather has diabietes and its noted down that I may be *at risk* even though I have a healthy lifestyle! Think a lot of boycotting should be done in my opinion, glad this has been put on tbh as th OP has reminded me to mention it to my brother for my little neice who is only 6 months at the moment x
  13. It was amazing last year, held at millhouses the sun was brilliant didnt realise I had stayed so long everyone looked like burnt turkeys, thought about offering my sunscreen but thought no should have had more sense, even I got caught with a red line round my waist-dont think there is any danger of that this ear though!
  14. My friend is a health care proffessional and we were talking anout vaccines (as she's pregnant and how she is determined too get him everything he needs) and somehow got onto the topic of TB and she told me it isnt available anymore, even if you paid to et it private and even though she works in the medical profession she cant get it either. Only children who are more at risk recive it now and at birth as well, another cut back-couldnt believe it myself! still have the scar when i had mine at school cant believe they have stopped this.
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