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  1. Watching the Brexit deal vote, fabulous viewing. Diane Abbott has been asleep for the majority of it?
  2. Thank you, so its an easy thing that anyone could do? My husband isn't a DIY er!
  3. We have a drain pipe attached to the outside wall which leaks at the joint. This happens whenever the bath is emptied. Is this easily remedied and has anyone any idea of cost?
  4. She shouldn't have been there, he had to act quickly to evict her and did what was necessary
  5. There was no assault, he was throwing her out. He would have treat her the same had she been a man.
  6. Would there have been such an outcry if she'd been a man? I don't think so!!
  7. My POPLA appeal was rejected last year, since then I have had various letters demanding increasing sums and then about four months ago I had a letter saying if I didn't pay up within four weeks they would take me to court, I'm still waiting. Will let you know if I hear anything further
  8. What an absolute excuse for a human being. This must have been an terrible experience, but how fantastic that she got the better of him. Great photo of the battered piece of <Removed>
  9. Thanks for your replies - I've submitted a POPLA appeal... we shall see what happens.
  10. I have been sent a charge notice from High View Parking. The notice has two photos of my car, one entering and one leaving the car park. It states that I was parked for 1 hr 20 mins, which, after checking, I found is within the stated time limit of 1 hr 30 mins. I emailed the company and they say my car was parked in the wrong area and that is why they have sent the charge notice. I requested a photograph to prove that it was parked incorrectly, but their email says the matter is closed and to appeal to POPLA. I have since received another notice saying legal action pending - cough up £125!!! I have spoken to others who have received charge notices for parking in the wrong place and theirs had a photo of the car and where it was parked - my notice doesn't have this As they have not sent me anything credible, do you think I am safe to ignore this?
  11. Wonderful news, so pleased he's been found, his parents must have been beside themselves. Hopefully whatever it was that caused him to disappear will now be sorted out bless him.
  12. Is there a number to ring to book a pitch on Monday at Tesco? And is it usually well attended?
  13. I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat 23 years ago (supraventricular tachycardia). I had various tests at that time, was monitored for a couple of years and then discharged. I occasionally feel my heart take an extra beat but other than that it isn't a problem.
  14. Ive bought a new one - we will have a go at doing it later. Thanks for your reply
  15. I was changing the lampshade on my hall ceiling light and the fitting came off leaving me with just the flex coming from the ceiling, the end bit having come off in my hand. Do I need to buy a new fitting? or can it be re-attached? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  16. I'm female and I had a balaclava helmet which my mum made me wear to school - the shame! It wasn't even a pretty colour, sort of a donkey brown!
  17. A bit cheeky I know but has anyone got free access to marriage records for 1893? I am trying to find further details of my ancestors John Blakeley and Annie Goodison who married in Sheffield in 1893. Many thanks for any help
  18. Ive really enjoyed reading these posts, they reminded me of songs I've not heard in a long while and pubs I used to visit. I remember my parents driving to the top of Fargate, me in the back of the car aged 13, and my mum looking out at the Buccaneer commenting on the "types" who frequented the place. I looked on with silent envy and excitement at the prospect of being able to visit as soon as I was old enough. Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough the Buccaneer was no more. When the time came I found plenty of great places to visit and good times were had, but I will always remember my mother looking down her nose at the Buccaneer and my disappointment when it closed.
  19. Yes - I thought his hair looked really strange and wondered why was he there at all? He certainly loved the sound of his own voice.
  20. Yes - I was in Mrs Comley's class - I thought she was wonderful, my favourite teacher. I think she died about three years ago.
  21. Saw The Pretenders and Ian Dury and the Blockheads there - brilliant times
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